Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Shivers @ Radio Room 10.27.08

Usually Mondays are religiously Anti-Monday League at the Casbah for me, but when my friend Crystal tells me to come check out a band I cannot say no. She has great taste in music and her friends are super fun to hang out with. So I made my way to the Radio Room at 9:30pm, and found out that The Shivers were the only band playing that night, it was a Monday after all. A good group of friends were there hanging out and so was the band, a guy and a girl from NY. Once they started playing, I knew I was going love it. They had a tasty setup of guitar and keyboard (borrowed from Writer, such lifesavers), and powerful vocals coming from both members. This video really exemplifies the band, Keith has this strong gritty voice and lyrics that would break any heart, and Jo lays a beautiful textured canvas with the keys and her soothing voice. After the show, we polished off our $2 PBR's while discussing Halloween plans. While I was glad that my Monday night ended pretty early, I hope next time The Shivers come to town they can make a full night of it, they definitely deserve it.

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