Saturday, November 15, 2008

Overdue Recap: Holy Rolling Empire & Tranfer @ TNT; Leopold & His Fiction @ Ruby Room, 11.6.08

Last Thursday, I headed down to TNT. I was especially pleased upon arrival that there was fencing around the patio. The past couple months, TNT had been denied their alcohol license from SDPD because the area was merely roped off, but they got the fencing and thus a bar back on the patio, instead of being relegated to the balcony of MCASD. I got there quite early...Jake dropped me off after dinner, and he was off to a gig, I was off to a night of getting down.

From the second I arrived, I knew it was going to be a great night. First, I ran into the boys from Transfer and chatted for a while, then met some of the guys from Holy Rolling Empire, a band from Arizona that later would blow my mind with their talent and performance. Click 'keep on reading' for more.

After saying proper hellos to everyone, I made my way to the bar to find my BFF Kristian pouring drinks. The sponsor of the night was Tommy Bahama rum as well as the usual Stone beers. I'm a fan of rum, but please don't try to convince me that you can make a cosmo with rum. That's all. I opted for the standard rum and coke for the evening. I was pretty impressed with the ice sculptures, though they were built to be ice luges but couldn't be used as such for obvious reasons. The energy at the museum was high throughout the night which was great to see after a couple months where the attendance slumped a bit.

Eventually the bands got started and there's clearly a reason why the openers have 'Holy' in their name, because HOLY SHIT. They were so. freaking. great. Their sound was huge and I was frankly astonished by how young they all were because they blew me away, not to mention what awesome guys they were to chill with. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Holy Rolling Empire was followed by Transfer. It was funny to me that Cooper asked me to make sure I remembered to write about them because (a) it is well established that I am a fan and (b) there is nothing I could ever write, perhaps because language fails me, to express how awesome they are to watch every single time I see them. They are too big for San Diego but the fact that they never forget their hometown and love playing to a hometown crowd that makes them all the more awesome.

From TNT, Jeff was kind enough to drop me off at the Ruby Room to catch Leopold & His Fiction. I have to admit, I regret not having posted more about the band before their show, because they deserved more of a crowd than they had. They're out of SF, with roots in Detroit and Kentucky, and I think they're a band to keep on your radar because they brought it huge, which is something special- like they could've been playing to 5 or 5000 people and played with all the same heart. I introduced myself to the band after their set and was appreciative that I was handed a CD and it's really, really good. Their new album will be released in January and you can be sure I'll post MP3s when I'm given clearance to do so.

Since I'd been dropped off at the Ruby Room, I caught a ride with Abraham. I got a call from HRE that they were at the Red Fox Room so we headed to hang out for an after party, except they'd been kicked out of their room. We still got to hang out a little and I was able to capture some very drunken snippets of interview. I will post a disclaimer that Holy Rolling Empire love Transfer and are doing some dates with them as well as The Silent Comedy, so these videos are in jest. And please ignore my saucy slurring.

I heart these boys and I'm sorry that I missed their show a couple days later at The Jumping Turtle, but I guarantee they'll be back. I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens.

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