Thursday, November 06, 2008

Recap: Sight & Sound feat The Burning Of Rome & RE:amp feat Fever Sleeves 10.30.08

Thursday night I headed down to Planet Rooth Gallery for Sight & Sound. I shamefully have to admit that even though I've been invited for months by Jon and Adam from Walk The Walk Presents, it was my first time actually showing up for their event just because something has always seem to come up that prevented my attendance. It was evident that the pair of them are quite possibly two of the hardest working guys in the San Diego local music scene. Jon and Adam were not shy about calling me out, but it was all in good fun.

Entering the gallery, there was beautiful art, a 'donation' beer and wine bar and snacks, then in the back patio, another bar with sponsored vodka from Svedka Vodka, complete with a fog machine on the patio for effect. I was there alone, so I kinda wandered aimlessly, checking out art and everyone in their costumes and all of the sponsors... Pink Party SD was there promoting their breast cancer awareness festival happening downtown this month (11.15), a stand selling jewelery, Hell on Heels had a table, and was there handing out tickets and CDs and promoting their online music channels. "Gun Show Trev" was the MC for the night and introduced the various acts that were lined up.

The first being a "spoon percussionist" who was really quite amazing, playing merely two spoons and what I could only guess are quads made of steel.

Here are a couple video snippets:

Then there were some Hell on Heels burlesque performers. First, with Luna Neuveau singing a song about boobies.

Then with Lady Borgia who is more woman than most women will ever be just for wearing that corsett all night long. Women like me appreciate that it is no longer the renaissance because I could've never pulled off an outfit like that. Not then, and not now.

From there, everyone moved to the patio/parking area to see The Burning Of Rome and all I can say is it had been far too long since I'd seen them play.

I gotta say I was really impressed with the event and it was clear that the guys bust their asses trying to pull together so many different art, culture, and music events into their preview parties so my hat is definitely off to them. Keep an eye out for the next monthly event which you know will always be in my listings when the information is available.

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to stick around and say hi to Adam and the band because I was on my way to catch Fever Sleeves at Beauty Bar for RE:amp.

RE:amp is a new weekly thing happening at the Beauty Bar. With Marshall at the helm, the whole idea is for bands, musicians, promoters, enthusiasts, and even little ol' bloggers to get a chance to get together for that ever so lame and overused 'N' word (yes, I mean Networking). It's a great concept and a great chance for people to just kinda hang out and let loose. And of course, Fever Sleeves brought it big time. And, while the night hasn't caught on too huge yet, I think there's a really good thing brewing there.

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