Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote No On Prop 8, Version 2.

It had been brought to my attention that my Google Ads have been serving up "Yes On Prop 8" ads. I am working on filtering those ads, but wanted to make it clear that I vehemently oppose Proposition 8.

FYI, I'm not the only one having problems with these ads...even blog giant TechCrunch was having a hard time filtering them. The funny thing is the article says that if you click the ad, it actually goes to a No On 8 website. As my friend said last week, maybe it's better that they blow their money on sites like mine, because my readers should know where I stand on this issue, and if not, I've posted about it here. Also, Lucas, a newly anointed SD:Dialed In contributor has been quite busy with election stuff and working for the Courage Campaign, has a great No On 8 diary entry on The Daily Kos:

I'm sick of the lies, I'm sick of the blackmail of my local small
businesses, I'm sick of this being considered a remotely appropriate level of
political discourse, and most of all I'm sick of being told that people are not
created equal. That's the entire point of this country existing. It's the very
first self-evident truth. Don't get angry at me if you don't like it. Take it up
with the Declaration of Independence.

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Nici13 said...

Google ads can be filtered:
You can block Adwords ads from a particular URL or IP Address by using site exclusion. Most of these ads are going to one campaign website.

You can block ads you don’t want to see in AdSense. Go to “Adwords setup” tab and click “Competitive Ad Filter”