Tuesday, November 04, 2008

For The Record

Let's face it. There are important things happening today. This is the most important election of our lifetime. I remember the feeling I had at Bill Clinton's inauguration; when Maya Angelou spoke and I felt like I had been part of a piece of history. Thanks to a stupid blowjob, that feeling was stolen and our country swung a way that felt so far away from who I am and everything I believe. Now my brother is in Iraq, I'm unemployed, and finally, today, I feel like everything can change back to being good again. Yes, I have hope. And I have faith. Something I can honestly say I've never felt before. I feel like today, everything can change, and it feels really good.

All that said, I am supposed to be writing about music and stuff.

First, I have a pair of tickets to see The Faint on Thursday at 4th & B for anyone who wants them. E-mail me at sddialedin AT gmail DAWT CAWM, with your full name, address, and a phone number if you want them. I will notify the winner by Wednesday morning.

Second,tonight our beloved local musician Drew Andrews celebrates his CD release at the Casbah. His CD is amazing, and not in the "Rosey says everything is amazing" kinda way, but in the "seriously, you will regret it if you're not at this show" kind of amazing. Plus it will give you time to step away from the election returns and deal with the end results instead of having that anxiety that this night is sure to bring.

Last, the show not to be missed this week is happening on Wednesday at U-31. The Spinto Band, Frightened Rabbit, and Dynamite Walls are all performing. We already know my love for locals Dynamite Walls, but I've now seen Frightened Rabbit twice and have become completely overtaken by their consistently beautiful performances, not to mention their sexy Scottish accents. Add to that The Spinto Band who have pretty much blown away the entire blogosphere with their latest album and you have the best bill anyone can ask for. I was gonna do a whole write-up about their album, but seriously, with this election on the brain, just trust me, this is the show we need for the day post-election. Tickets can be pre-purchased on the Casbah's website and you know Tim Mays would never steer you wrong.

Finally (sorry that I already said last, because there's one more thing), I've been meaning to write about all the shows I've caught in the last week but, surprise, I've been busy. So I'll get to all that in the next couple days, but in the meantime, please get out and vote and hang tight. Between Drew Andrews at the Casbah tonight, the perfect show at U-31 on Wednesday, TNT on Thursday, and this perfect rainy weather in San Diego, life is looking pretty damn good.

And by the way, Monday is a huge day for me. It is the 2nd Anniversary of my this little website. Please, please come.

SD: Dialed In 2 Year Anniversary


Lazy John said...

Obama gonna whoop that ass.

Lazy John said...

One major factor in this election is that people from blue states have moved to red states for work and to buy cheap homes, and those folks have proceeded to turn those states blue. I bet the jerks who said "we're one of Yahoo!'s 10 most livable cities" didn't see that one coming.