Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overdue Recap: Magnetic Morning, Drew Andrews, John Meeks @ Casbah, 11.4.08

After a historic election day (but not quite tinged by the news that Prop 8 would eventually pass after all the votes were counted, Jake and I decided to hit the Casbah. It was an incredible show with Magnetic Morning, Drew Andrews (whose CD & Vinyl was released nationwide on election day), and John Meeks, but with the lights ultra dimmed so much so that I didn't even attempt pictures. Still, you can read about the bands if you 'keep on reading'.

Also, courtesy of Minty Fresh, you can download a free track off of Drew's album HERE.

Unfortunately I missed Musee Mecanique because we lagged a bit, but we arrived in time to catch John Meeks in the Atari Lounge. It was pretty crazy because I was still in my Obama shirt and I was getting high fives from strangers and everyone was just buzzing about how incredible the night was, how history was made, and how everyone’s outlook was just so positive and full of hope. Believe me, the magnitude of the election was not lost on the crowd. Jimmy Lavalle stepped in on bass with John and the beauty of the set was amplified with the energy of the crowd.
After John Meeks finished, the crowd meandered into the venue for Drew Andrews. It was his CD release and it was great to see such a huge show of response from so many other local musicians and fans alike. Drew and his band had just come off a mini-tour and the band really gelled for their hometown crowd. The lights were completely dimmed which not only meant I wasn’t even going to attempt photos, but it meant I was standing there wishing I could curl up into a little ball on the floor with a warm blanket and let Drew’s sweet voice completely envelop me.

Between mainstage acts, John Meeks played a second set, this time with Martin of Republic of Letters on bass (since Jimmy was setting up with Magnetic Morning). Again, a lovely set, and the violin, along with John’s voice, could make a grown man cry.

Magnetic Morning finished up the night. With Jimmy Lavalle on keys and synth and vocals performed by Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin, it was nothing less than perfect. Everything Jimmy touches is gold and this project is no exception. Check it out if you're lucky to get the chance.

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