Saturday, November 22, 2008

Overdue Recap: Tape Deck Mountain & Hotel St. George @ Whistle Stop, 11.14.08

Eager to be a bit more loose and comfortable with friends after an evening at the Marriott, I picked up Dagart and we went to the Whistle Stop to check out Tape Deck Mountain (finally!) and to see Hotel St. George for their CD release party.

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The bar was crowded as it always is on a Friday night. Lots of people were out to hang out and check out the bands. Tape Deck Mountain started out the night, and Travis sounded great. They're a two-piece, with distortion pedals a plenty and the drummer also playing keys and synth. I dug it, and the crowd clearly did, too.

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Binder's parents, who were in town from Colorado for the weekend, and they seemed to be happy with the show. I don't really know how Hotel St. George keeps pumping out CDs, but they do, and they were not only playing new material from their CD Hundreds and Thousands, but even newer stuff that they have written since recording the album. They had a wall to wall crowd (as they should) and it was a loose and fun set.

We stayed for a little bit after the set ended, but eventually I dropped Dag at his place then closed out the night at the Ken to hang with my peeps. It was definitely a full night and though I was exhausted by the time I got home, I ended up staying up late and making a blogger blunder by posting news that was "NFB" (not for blogging). That resulted in waking up to some panicked phone calls, a friend showing up at my house, and me spending Saturday posting a bunch of videos and random blog things to fix my error and to fuck with the blog aggregators that repost my blog. (My posts automatically show up on a few sites that I have no control over.) I guarantee that will not happen again. Sorry to my friends for causing that freak out. Regardless, Saturday was a good day. I will get to that in another post.

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