Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Overdue Recap: The Shaky Hands & Followers @ Soda Bar, 11.16.08

On Sunday, the 16th, I made my way to Soda Bar. I had gotten a preview of the bar from Peter from Roxy Jones, who works there and does the booking, but when I went there was still sawdust on the floor, and tables and sound and bar equipment that had yet to be installed. Somehow, amazingly, the bar pulled it off and opened two nights after that visit, but this was my first time checking it out since the opening. It was incredible what they pulled off. The interior is warm and inviting, the spacious booths comfortable, and it was nice to see a good crowd hanging out for the bar and the bands. For more, click 'keep on reading'

The night started with a stand-up comedian who was heckled by the crowd. His jokes were mostly about bragging about his cock and getting laid and oh, yeah, did he mention he has a huge and active cock? Snooze. I guess he was there with The Shaky Hands or something, and I don't think he'd planned on doing stand-up, so I'll give him at least a star for bravery.

He was followed by The Followers, an all instrumental band featuring Gabriel Sundy on sax, and backed by Simeon Flick, Kenseth Thibideau, Pea Hix, Chris Fulford-Brown, and Brent Asbury. They were good, jamming out a 4 or 5 song setlist, but with each song in the 6-10 minute range.

The Shaky Hands are from Portland but I guess they have ties to San Diego area. They a solid indie rock band. I saw them back in February at the Casbah when they played with Rafter and though I have none of their recorded music, I recognized some of their songs, so I guess they left an impression.

After the set, I asked the band for a setlist so I could attempt to title the videos I took, and I thought it was cute that not only did they get me one, but the guitarist went through the trouble of writing out all the titles for me.

So here are a couple of the videos I took that night...though I still didn't match titles to songs. Sorry.

This one I took while sitting at the bar, so that reflection is from the bartop.

After the show, Jake, Gabriel and I went for some late night food at the Asian Bistro in Hillcrest, which serves till 3 a.m. before I was dropped off at home. It was a good night, though I was sorry I missed Joel P West at the Habitat House. Can't do it all, I guess.

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