Sunday, November 23, 2008

Overdue Recap: Mudhoney, Japanese Motors, The Heartaches @ Casbah

Just for my own diary sake, I have to say that November 15 was a great day. Not that I did anything exceptional, but Abraham hosted a "South Bay Folk Festival" at the Wits End. For me, I got to experience a new bar/venue for the first time, I got to hang out with my good frend Miggs at Taang! Records for a while, I had a great dinner, and I got to see some cool music. It was like being at a boozy coffee shop, and to me that works just fine.

From Wit's End, I went to Casbah so I could sell merch for Mudhoney. When I arrived, the band had bailed, but left a couple boxes of merch with everything selling for a flat price. I guess it was a good thing they were working with a veteran merch girl :) I say that in jest, but I actually showed up with my own hangers. So no, I never even met the boys of Mudhoney. But I did meet the boys of Japanese Motors and then completely regretted not catching their in-store at M-Theory earlier in the afternoon.

I can't really say that I caught much of the show. Not The Heartaches (though I was happy to sell some of their merch), and none of Japanese Motors or Mudhoney for that matter, but I had a great time on the patio. I met nice people and everyone was super kind to me, bringing me beer and shots of Makers and I always love hanging out with the bands, and I guess since Japanese Motors didn't have their own crowd, they chilled with me for most of the night at the merch stand. The funny thing about Japanese Motors...Alex was chill, quiet, and talking to me in his torn up sweater. We talked about how interviews generally suck, with the same questions asked all the time, and it wasn't till later I found out he was once a pro surfer, so he has been interviewed about a lot of boring shit for a long, long time . (See video here.) In fact, they were interviewed by someone and they were so unamused by the interview, they probably came across like assholes, but I heard the questions and they were so lame and boring that I can't blame the band for their disinterest in the whole thing.

Anyway, it was a fun night at the merch stand. Mudhoney had some hand silkscreened posters by the same dude that did the Melvins posters when I did merch for them. Not exactly posters you'd hang in your house unless you plan on being a bachelor for life, but cool nonetheless.

At the end of the show, the Mudhoney dudes came out for their merch and here's how un-cute we looked at the end of the night. And, since the posters were dated, they let me keep a stack, though I'm a little mad I didn't ask for a t-shirt because I'm all about brown t-shirts. Anyway, here's me and Mark.

While it is few and far between that Mudhoney come back to town, I will personally make sure that Japanese Motors do come back, and I will actually get to enjoy the rock.


blahblahblah said...

Having seen the Japanese Motors at this show and when they opened for the Black Lips a couple of months back I find this comment amusing:

"they were so lame and boring that I can't blame the band for their disinterest in the whole thing"

I don't know what the questions were but I doubt they were half as lame and boring as the band, or as unorigional for that matter. Seriously, who signed off on this shit being cool? I hope they have to sit through a thousand of those interviews as punishment for boring the shit out of audiences.

garth2 said...

man it sucks being broke and stuck in north county. i saw mudhoney years ago opening for pavement and sonic youth...mark was standing out on stage with the lights down futzing around with his guitar, and no one else seemed to notice him (at bing crosby) so i yelled "HEY MARK!" at the top of my lungs. he turned at looked at me like "what?" and everyone around me got quiet. i was a bit at a loss for words. so i said "You rock!" after a couple beats, and he did a queen elizabeth wave to the crowd.