Monday, November 10, 2008

Overdue Recap: The Heavy & Kenan Bell at The Casbah 11.1.08

Look who is behind in posts yet again. So typical of me, I know. After a chill halloween, I was ready for a big night out. I got to the Casbah early on November 1st so I could make sure to get some time hanging out with Kenan and Jason and crew before they took the stage. I have to admit I was a little surprised at how many people were wearing costumes. I don't typically dress up for halloween and I know a lot of people enjoy it, but the day after halloween? Overkill much?

Anyway, it was clear people were in the mood to party and I was not exempt from the same energy so it was all good. Kenan Bell has played in San Diego a handful of times now, and I believe the last time I wrote about the band, I mentioned that I'm friends with Jason, who for a while was the manager of Dynamite Walls, who in Kenan Bell, sings, plays keys, and some percussion, but the entire band has huge energy. They're always having a good time on stage and it is infectious and the crowd can't help but get into every song. (for the rest, click 'keep on reading')

If I had my way, every hip-hop artist would be required to have a full band. The members assembled for Kenan are incredibly talented and all have been parts of other successful projects in their own right. They killed it, and yes, I was dancing.

The last time they played, they called people onstage to join in the fun, and I got stuck behind the keyboards which I do not play. This time I designated the assignment to Natalie. Jason even called me out, "C'mon Rosemary! Oh, ok, go ahead and take pictures." It turned into a full on party onstage.

I missed The Heavy last time around but after receiving their latest EP, Set Me Free, I wasn't gonna miss them again. I had no idea that much sound and power could come out of a 4 piece band.

'The Heavy sound like Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Pusherman’ resurrecting Led Zeppelin and the exiled spirit of Cassius Clay. Get used to the weight, The Heavy are about to throw it down.' -The Fly
Lead by singer Kelvin Swaby, the band was so hypnotic that I forgot to take pictures, but it would've been awkward since he literally came up to me and sang about 4 inches from my nose. I think Natalie might've gotten pictures of those moments (which I'm sure are completely flattering). It was a full on Casbah dance party and when the night ended it was hard to pull away from it all.

Fortunately it didn't end right away and we got to hang out for a while, taking the party to the back bar, then out front of the venue, until finally it was time to duck out. I think Jason said Kenan Bell are heading to Europe for some shows, but hopefully our friends from LA will grace us with another great show soon.

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