Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gayngs w/ Jamuel Saxon @ Casbah- 06.04.11

Last Saturday night, the Casbah welcomed (approximately) half of supergroup Gayngs. Making the final stop of their tour in benefit of their exceptional debut album Relayted, ten of the group's unofficial twenty one members made sweet musical love to a greatly appreciative crowd. More after the jump.

I arrived a little late for the opening DJ set but made it in just in time for an entertaining set from local act Jamuel Saxon. The band energy was up, the lights were low and there was plenty of facepaint and blacklighting to go around. The crowd just wasn't into the uptempo stylings (or maybe it was the incessant vocoder) and mostly stood around for what probably would have been a pretty good dance party anywhere else. Chalk it up to the probability that most in attendance were there for the indie soft-rock stylings of the headliner. Having had the opportunity to see Gayngs recently at Coachella, I was excited and intrigued to see a. how their sound would translate to a much smaller enclosed space and b. how the hell they were going to fit everyone and their equipment on the humble Casbah stage.

Playing without arguably their most recognized member, Justin Vernon, the stage was filled with a jungle of mic stands, keyboards, drum kits and guitars as members of a variety of groups including Bon Iver, Har Mar Superstar, Megafaun and The Rosebuds picked their way to their respective positions. What followed was an hour+ of smooth R&B-tinged jams. With a constantly evolving mixture of vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, sax and drums, the distinctly layered sound of the studio album carried over flawlessly to their live show. Great show, great crowd- can't ask for much more than that.

For more pix from the evening click here, and the rest of my concert photography click here.

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