Saturday, June 18, 2011

NYC: Part Deux

The last thing I should be doing at a bar is writing a blog about my trip here, but first I wanna say I had an amazing time, but second, there's no place like home.

While I was here, I'm sad to say I didn't really represent. I found a few spots that were completely comfortable and didn't venture far beyond. I didn't visit Ground Zero. I didn't go to the heart of Times Square. I didn't ever see the Hudson and I didn't see the Statue of Liberty. I didn't hit most of the restaurant recommendations, either. Instead, I found spots where I was comfortable and just kept going back.

Honestly, that is what works for me. I have bartenders and owners taking solid care of me; at the same time I've never crossed a street in San Diego with someone feeling the need to whisper "Fat" in my ear. Or the douchebags tonight who asked if I wanna see guy-on-guy makeout. When I tell them to go for it they tell me, "You wish."

Nobody here is to be trusted, which is why I'll have fun and get the ef outta here. I would've stayed longer, but the Two Gallants show is the exact excuse to get home as quickly as possible. Thanks for the amazing food and drinks, New York, but nothing will ever beat home.
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