Monday, June 06, 2011

Video: D/Wolves "Buzz Lightyear"

Remember when I went to Vegas with D/Wolves for The Rumble? Well, Patrick was vlogging the whole time, and when I went downstairs to work using the hotel's free lobby wi-fi, the boys were upstairs in the room. And what do four guys in a free hotel do when nobody else is there? They challenge themselves to food eating competitions. Patrick stacked 8 crackers with EZ Cheez and then choked as one of the crackers lodged into his throat sideways. When I got back to the room they were all, "Rosey! Patrick almost died! It was hilarious! You totally missed it!" Fortunately, the camera was rolling. They posted this a while ago, but I finally remembered to get the link, so here's some aerosol cheese antics soundtracked by their song, "Buzz Lightyear".

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