Thursday, June 02, 2011

Photo Gallery: Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, Sleeper Agent at Soma, 6.1.2011

It isn't often I go to Soma, and it's even less frequent that I pick up a photo pass and am told, "You're the only photo pass tonight." Granted, those crazy kids who waited up front for the duration of the show probably got some good shots, and despite George telling me I need a better camera (Um, yeah, a new camera is the last of my priorities. I responded, "Well, I like having a camera I can sneak in when I still need to." I've done for half of my life.)

Regardless, tonight was an amazing show and I had to push past a million kids to get to the photo pit and I think I have whiplash from that and all the crowdsurfers that fell over my head throughout the night, but it was cool and I was happy to be there, and though I have very little to say about the bands and the show, it's not because I'm without words, but I'm tired and all I can really say is how tiredless all three bands are. They were all devoted and gave incredible performances and when Pyles and I reflected on the night, we acknowledged the divide between bands that play, and bands like these, that perform. I apologize that despite the photo pass, I am not a photographer, but here are some shots from the evening.

I've been told that my slideshows really mess with loading time for some people, so if you wanna check out the rest of my shots, click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of this post.

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