Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sunset Sessions Rock 2011: "Bed-In" with Barcelona, Jenny O, and Holcombe Waller

One of my favorite things that happened at Sunset Sessions Rock was called a "Bed-In", with the performances in a resort suite. It wasn't very "rock" which is probably why it was one of my favorite things, and I have a feeling they'll do these from now on at the AAA Sunset Sessions in February.

Just a quick rewind, last week I'd been going non-stop. I went to three shows on Wednesday and then came home after 2 and worked online until about 5 am, caught a few hours sleep and then went up to Sunset Sessions with Tim Pyles, then came back in time for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at the Casbah. After DEJJ, I went home to do the weekend listings until 7:30 am and slept until I was picked up at 10:30 for more Sunset Sessions, then returned by 8 for my showcase at Eleven. Naturally I enjoyed some cocktails and had planned on sleeping in on Saturday until Pyles asked if I wanted to go back to La Costa, so with just a few hours of sleep, it was back up to Sunset Sessions. There was a morning panel that Eric from SoundDiego was speaking on, "Maximizing Your Digital Space", so we caught most of that and then moved to a suite overlooking center court where they'd set up Mexican catering (carnitas tacos in the morning are the BEST!!) and mimosas until the musicians performed. It was relaxing and while I was exhausted, I certainly felt privileged to be there.

I was only familiar with Barcelona, but there's something about the intimacy of people singing in a hotel room completely unplugged that was just really remarkable. Holcombe Waller kicked it off, followed by Jenny O, then Barcelona. Here are the video of all three performers. You can right or left click through the playlist. I only kept track of song titles from Holcombe, so if you have any contribution, feel free to comment here or on YouTube.

For more info on the artists:

Holcombe Waller
Jenny O

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