Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Keren Ann @ The Casbah Thursday June 23, 2011

Keren Ann Zeidel is a New York based singer who has traveled the world recording beautiful folk styled pop music. Born in Israel in 1974, she learned how to play the guitar at a young age. Meeting musician Benjamin Biolay provided the necessary guidance Keren Ann needed to start her career. Her first record in 2000 cited Suzanne Vega, Bob Dylan and other worldly references. Folk combined with trip-hop and French pop resulted in a very good album. Her fourth record, Nolita, written in both French and English, was produced almost entirely by herself. A well received eponymous album followed and her career continues to grow with each subsequent release. In fact, Keren Ann co-wrote and produced actress and singer Emmanuelle Seigner’s (Roman Polanski’s wife) second album. This led to the recently released album 101, which further explores the dreamy folk and pop which is her signature sound. The growth of this artist is clearly evident upon listening to the album. The songs seem to float by and have a calming effect. The production is top notch throughout.

San Diego gets a rare opportunity to witness Keren Ann this Thursday at the Casbah. Having never seen her perform live, I won’t miss this talented singer/songwriter as she will no doubt sing tracks from her newest effort as well as songs from her previous albums. Be part of a special night of music at the Middletown mainstay.

Chris Garneau sets the stage.

Watch a video of My Name is Trouble below.

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