Friday, May 08, 2020

CoViD-19: California Releases "Resilience Roadmap" & Endorses Statewide Vote By Mail | Local Music News | Phase 2 In Effect

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I was trying to fall asleep last night and kept thinking that maybe I should get out of bed and write a happier post so I didn't leave that last one lingering and seething with negativity. Instead, I decided today's post will only be positive even though sometimes the bad stuff just screams out with a louder voice. I can go back to complaining tomorrow ;) California continues to see a modest decline in hospitalization and ICU stays (.6%) though cases continue to rise daily. My house is getting repainted (not surprisingly, without any notice, but keeping it positive so no dwelling on that today) so I was worried my butterfly would be scared away but it was back today so we had a moment this afternoon before Nova and I went for a drive to Harbor Blvd to pick up some fresh ahi from Haworth Fish to make poke bowls at home. It was a little sad to see Spanish Landing empty when normally this weekend would be filled with Gator By The Bay, but I'm certain the state is being proactive enough that those big events will be back by 2021. Lots of new info and State/County/City Health Order clarifications after the jump.

  • Today, the Governor's office released the "Resilience Roadmap" for businesses to reopen. I used to have this idea that one day I'd get married and open a small shop that doubled as a coffee shop and flower shop. That was long before there was a Starbucks on every corner and long long before a shop with that concept opened on Texas and University, but now that florists are allowed to open again, maybe I should look into some classes.
  • My latest articles for SoundDiego:
  • Other local music news: 
  • Today's San Diego County briefing was chopped into two videos. County Supervisor Cox reiterated the progress we've made and that following rules allowed us to open beaches for limited activities, golf courses, curbside/takeout restaurants and now expanded retail and now golfers can use carts solo, as permitted by the state.
    • New County health is expanding to open some campgrounds and encouraging "staycations" at local facilities. 
      • Only household members together
      • Every other site occupied (vacant site between campers)
      • No playgrounds or common amenities
      • Check campground before going
      • Each jurisdiction will be different (State/County/City)
      • Reserve COUNTY campgrounds at
      • "Let's enjoy the upside of the outside"
    • Additional recreation opportunities according to new health order today: 
      • Rental for recreational activities including bikes, kayaks, surfboards
      • Adding additional activities:
        • Users must be compliant with social distancing, same household
        • Tennis Courts, Handball can open. Facilities must be compliant.
    • Explanation Governor's order from yesterday:
      • Essential businesses must follow existing plans
      • Must add temperature and wellness screenings for employees
      • Reopened (non-essential businesses) and their supporting manufacturing and logistics can open today including bookstores, jewelery stores, toy stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, home furnishing stores, sporting goods stores, antique shops, music stores, florists
      • Must be curbside and delivery only
      • Must complete "County Safe Reopening Plan" and post publicly
      • Direct link to safety plan is here.
    • Not yet, but the governor has been alluding to the fact that these will open in the coming weeks if we can keep our shit together and follow the rules: 
      • Dine-in restaurants
      • Shopping malls and swap meets
      • Car washes
      • Pet grooming
      • Office-based businesses
      • Outdoor museums
  • City of San Diego Daily Briefing
    • Phase 2 plan is not about how to get back to normal, rather how to open in the 'new normal'
    • State metrics can never be met with zero deaths in 14 days. (personal aside, entire COUNTRIES are doing exactly this, so rushing this is a critical mistake) 
    • City & County are giving $10 million in CARES act funding for childcare for essential workers
    • Parking lots and boardwalks will need a couple of weeks of San Diegans continuing to do the right thing and following the rules before other elements can safely and cautiously open. 

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