Saturday, May 02, 2020

Rosey's Diary | Nova's 13th Birthday | CoViD-19 Updates | Canada Bans Assault-Style Weapons | Covid Confusion

We had a physically distant backyard birthday for Nova
I had a late, late night last night. It was really fun doing a Zoom with Brian and Tyler from The Kabbs for today's SoundDiego story, then Darren and I had a speakeasy night, and I caught up with my pal Tony on HouseParty, too. Today is Nova's 13th birthday, so we made a decision to allow my sisters and nieces to come hang out in the yard, distanced and using common sense and all that, and it really set in how lucky we are to have the space we have. I guess we're in violation of the rules, but I assure you we had way more space between us than anyone is giving or getting in grocery stores or at MayDay protests and even public parks and beaches. I didn't watch any of the daily briefings live today, mostly because all the drama this week already happened, but now that I've watched them, I wish I had the time back. No new news, really, but I've still got a couple links to share after the jump.

  • I have been off my game when it comes to political issues that matter to me because so much of our attention is devoted to Covid-19, but after the heartbreaking massacre in Nova Scotia, Canada is stepping up their game in a big, big way. I would love for this to catch fire universally. 
  • Lots of people are getting engaged during this time, so yesterday the Governor signed an executive order that basically says you can get your marriage license and married via teleconferencing. 
  • Retail, Hospitality modifications are coming soon. Announcements to come in the next week, according to Gavin Newsom (around the 24 minute mark) According to County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, the state will make announcements on May 5th. 
    • Passed 2,000 deaths in California 
    • Passed 50,000 positive tests statewide
    • 655,000 tests conducted statewide
    • decrease in hospitalizations; decrease in intensive care
  • I've now done several posts about the confusing messaging from not only the politicians, but from everywhere. Voice of San Diego addressed it today, too: Confusion and Contradictions Swirl Over Public Health Directives. It's perfectly demonstrated in this video, which raises the questions: 
    • Do I need to mask my dog or was Georgette just being cute? And why is she saying "please stay inside"? Meanwhile Mara is telling us to get out and check on vulnerable people. 
    • Did Mark not get memo that you should transfer restaurant takeout to different packaging or did we find out that was an unnecessary precaution after all?
    • Jen said you can get the virus from sweat. Is that true? 

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