Thursday, May 07, 2020

CoViD-19: I'm Pissed | Chicano Elefante In The Room | LiveNation Plans Post-Pandemic | Tourist Attractions Lay Out Future Protocol | RIP Raina | Unequal Access To Nature

I've been enjoying my daily visits from this Mourning Cloak, bringing joy and beauty every day. 

You know what? I'm pissed. All of us are going through this time in our own way, some have it much worse than others and our feelings can run the whole gamut of grief and loss and sadness and confusion, but today my mom called me while she's out shopping because she 'needed to get out of the house'. WTF?!? All of this push to reopen is communicating to people that things are safe. And she lives in 91911, a ZIP code with one of the highest counts, and it feels like the majority of people are refusing to wear facial coverings. Numbers are not in control. People are still dying in crazy numbers. The infection rate is still climbing. 
So yeah, I'm pissed. More after the jump.

I'm pissed at the covidiot-in-chief who only cares about money and has fumbled this whole thing since January. I'm pissed that meat-processing plants, and thereby other industries including senior homes, can just flat out refuse to share their positive cases. I'm pissed at my idiot cousin and every other dingdong sharing the Plandemic video which has been debunked. I'm pissed at my godfather who married a  MAGA-loving NRA card-carrying sociopath who is too ignorant to realize that by the very fact that she was born in the Philippines, Trump doesn't actually give one fuck about her, or my godfather, or you, or me, or anyone but his donors and his family, and even then, his loyalty is questionable at best. I'm pissed at my sister-in-law who just spent the last 18 months battling cancer only to run out at the first opportunity to get a fucking haircut. Why did you fight for your life if you're going to risk it for your vanity? I find all of this so very frustrating. And then we ran out to get some produce and the woman behind me in line decides it's a perfect time to comment about my groceries while inching closer and closer to me, while wearing her mask UNDER HER CHIN. I cannot with the stupidity and blatant disregard for other humans.

And we're out of Costco toilet paper.

Oof. That was a lot. Sorry. It was actually a quite lovely day if you can successfully turn off the pandemic noise.
  • Today the Chicano Federation held a press conference to address the higher risk of Covid-19 among the Latino population. "San Diego’s Latino community is at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 due to higher rates of pre-existing conditions, greater housing density and more reliance on public housing." This question is asked nearly every day in press briefings and I don't understand why we can't address cultural issues. When I first started watching the death toll in Italy, all I could think was all that kissing! And every time I hear that the Latino population is higher risk, I think of my neighbors who are having extended family gatherings every weekend, I think of my extended family who hug and kiss everyone, friends and strangers alike, and I think of my mom who is supposed to be staying home, but has run around town to several stores because she 'just ran in real quick.' Yes, there are structural inequities, but being stubborn and not following the rules isn't helping anyone. 
  • Don't expect concerts anytime soon in San Diego, but yesterday LiveNation outlined some ways to bring concerts back. I think it's dumb, but am just posting because I feel like it's my duty, primarily as a music blogger, to share this type of information when I see it. 
  • Meanwhile, earlier this week, San Diego Tourism Authority released a plan for large parks to reopen when the time is right, likely sometime in Stage 3. (Note: The State of California requires that to get further into Stage 2, counties must have 14 consecutive days with no Covid-related deaths. This is a nearly impossible target to hit as testing and contact tracing exist right now. I love the Zoo, but don't expect a reopening anytime soon.)

This is another good one from Rebecca Solnit. An op-ed that appeared in the LA Times but is behind their paywall, so full text is included below.

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