Wednesday, May 13, 2020

CoViD-19: New State Industry Guidance | Daily Briefings | Joshua Tree Virtual Fest | Interesting Reads | Peel Sessions Released

Tijuana River Estuary 3.29.2020 (before it closed to the public)
I had a great Monday and felt great today. Must be the fresh squeezed lemonade Nova made from a gifted mason jar of lemon juice from our pal Jess (who also hooked up some outdoor patio furniture.) Today we got notification that Nova's school will be reopening on August 18th, and she's pretty stoked about that, though we really can't know if that will actually happen. There was a lot of news today and lots of interesting and infuriating articles. I selected some to share, plus local news from today's State, County, and City briefings per usual. Check it after the jump. 

  • This is a pretty important question and *spoiler alert*, it's partially because there's more testing, partially because essential workers are bringing it home to their families, and partially because of cross-border traffic, but the main answer is because people are selfish pricks and not following the rules. 
  • Governor Gavin Newsom's press briefing:
    • Testing continues to increase
    • More than 70% of economy is open, with restrictions
    • County variances are being issued with consideration for things that may spike numbers, like prisons or senior care facilities, for example
    • Loosening state guidelines is based on counties able to control "congregate setting outbreaks", the stability of hospitalizations and ICUs, and the prevalence of disease, testing, PPE availability, and contact tracing 
    • Modifications to stay at home order statewide (though counties may be more restrictive): offices may open where telecommuting is not possible), malls/strip malls/outlet malls can open for pickup only, pet grooming, car washes, dog-walking 
    • Dine-in restaurants & shopping centers may open based on county variances
    • Large counties, particularly Los Angeles, are not going to be able to move through this phasing just yet. (LA extended stay-at-home order for three more months. They had over 50 deaths and nearly 1000 new cases in one day.)

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