Wednesday, May 06, 2020

CoViD-19: Uber & Lyft Sued By State & Cities | Red Tide Is Dying | SoundDiego Stories

Bun Bun lives under our studio and occupies our yard at night. We leave her carrots daily. 

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I took cinco-de-drinko to all new heights yesterday, but obviously not too embarrassed to share that here. I had a fun chat with Matt from The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx for a story I was supposed to write last night (before the sauv blanc really hit.) I'm working outside today and it's nice we have a partially shaded backyard because otherwise it is hot af. I just want to go snorkeling at La Jolla Cove, but like the old days, when we could go on a weekday afternoon and it would mostly be empty. I haven't even done a driveby since March so I have no idea what it's like these days. I wish that seal cam was still working. Apparently the red tide is dying, too, so if you didn't catch the bioluminescence at night, tonight might be your last chance to do so...I recommend Law Street (park on Mission Blvd and walk) or Windansea. Steer clear of Sunset Cliffs and OB. I'm slowly working through email today and have yet to watch any daily briefings, but I think I might just skip them today since Thursday is supposed to be the big news day. My 15 year old backyard furniture is falling apart beyond repair, so I hope Ikea can reopen and sell me a cheap replacement set, although if my pay isn't secure past July and my job won't come back for months, is it a justifiable expense? I have this depression-era image in my brain of people boiling leather shoes for soup stock and it terrifies me daily.
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