Friday, May 29, 2020

CoVid-19: Governor Newsom Addresses Racist Cops | 1 in 8 Daily Deaths in US is Covid-related | Solnit on Toxic Masculinity

San Diego Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (5.29.2019)
No kidding, I spent until almost 4 o'clock today thinking it was Thursday. Oops. Trying to catch up with all my Friday things, had to scramble together a Casbah newsletter. News has been particularly grim this week; the pandemic wasn't enough and now we're blowing up further with numerous racist incidents by law enforcement (including in La Mesa) and the support of violence by the covidiot-in chief. So instead of commenting and sharing all of that here, I'll just share some inspiring words from President Barack Obama. Today's news, links, and long reads after the jump.

  • Governor Newsom State of California Briefing
    • Gave some inspiring words about use of force, racism, and policing bias. Reminded us that Shirley Weber's Legislation against use of force was signed one year ago. Addressed La Mesa arrest of @lemthurdy.
    • Connecting dots between racism, social justice, structural inequality with the higher rates of infection and death among black communities and other people of color 
    • Sector Guidance into Phase 3- How to open. Counties determine pace. State isn't mandating or dictating dates. Conditioned on plans that need to be attested to. 
    • Plans and county attestations are on website.
    • California has more population than 21 states combined. Why we have to focus on localism.
    • "I say this with deep respect. I think this is a sideshow." - Newsom re: Trump
    • Schools and Labor Groups are affected by budget cuts. Playing chicken with Federal government.  
    • School opening drafts are still in progress. Protective gear has to be part of the equation. 
    • No counties are allowed to move into any portions of Stage 4 (concerts, large gatherings, festivals, etc.)
  • Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer Daily Briefing
    • Addressed George Floyd's death: "actions were wrong, unacceptable, and I condemn those officers' actions"
    • San Diego City Council agreed unanimously to sell Mission Valley Stadium Site to San Diego State University for $86.2mil. Will include 35k+ football stadium, hotel, housing, San Diego River Park, retail space. Today's action allows City to move into escrow and transfer ownership. (My note- I don't trust anything JMI is involved in.)
    • Testing and Tracing are critical. Mayor was on a call with 450+ mayors, CDC, and White House Coronavirus Dr. Birx to talk about local efforts. 
  • FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed? - NPR (10.21.2016)
  • Darren and I were having a discussion about the flu. I pulled this daily chart last night. Right now in the United States, approximately one out of every eight deaths on average is Covid-related. Many people have been noting that the dangers of the coronavirus haven't gone away, it just means there's room for you in a hospital should you need it. 

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