Sunday, May 31, 2020

Protests Amid Pandemic: Curfews & Unlawful Assembly Orders In San Diego | Police Tensions |

Downtown San Diego at Night during Comic Con (Taken 7.18.2019)
I'm still watching events transpire downtown and things appear to mostly be calm and peaceful. With so many types of protesters, there have been some differences of objective even among the participants and it's hard to watch. I appreciate everyone's comments and sharing my posts. I'm so impressed by the vast amount of thoughtful dialogue happening and I hope we can get to the policy changes and advances in legislation and the healing without prolonged and additional damage and injury. As someone who documents everything, it is challenging not going out and shooting photos, but it's easy when I think of my family and friends and my responsibilities. Be safe out there.

  • I've been watching feeds today via UAPT-SD. Crowds have mostly been around the Federal Building in Downtown San Diego, along Broadway between State and 3rd mostly. Protesters were moving toward Little Italy and the Marina District. Other protesters convened in Barrio Logan and marched through to Broadway, creating a much larger protester presence. Law enforcement changed their scanners to encrypted channels "Cen-Tac" (Central Tactical).
    The scan is also saying they have intel that they're expecting mayhem in Santee and El Cajon tonight. As I finish typing this, the police helicopter is already flying overhead. 
  • Local jurisdictions are placing curfews for tonight. City of La Mesa curfew is 7pm-7am. San Diego County Unincorporated Areas under the jurisdiction of the San Diego Sheriffs Department issued a curfew from 8pm-5:30am. City of Poway curfew is 8pm-5:30am.
  • Meanwhile, the City of San Diego apparently doesn't work on weekends besides a post from Chris Ward. San Diego Police Department
    "Update 05/31/2020 - 4pm **Certain protestors continue to throw objects and vandalize OUR city. The criminal behavior of these few is unacceptable. We are continuing to order the crowd to disperse.**
    Downtown event progression since this AM. We are committed to facilitating peaceful/lawful demonstration.
    Violence & Destruction of property will not be tolerated.
    At this point however an **Unlawful Assembly Order** is in effect in the downtown area of Broadway.
    We are asking everyone to disperse immediately due to the escalation of violence by the protestors." Just from the four different streams I've watched throughout the day, I can say that besides water bottles being launched, cops have shot tear gas and foam bullets at least three times without warning. 
  • “We're witnessing the merging of internet troll cultures, irony cultures and the militia movement, via these online spaces,” he said, adding that the movement appears to mirror a previous merger of trolls and real-life radicals “into what ultimately became the alt-right.”
    As the protests (and reports of looting that might draw right-wing antagonists) continued in Minneapolis Thursday, the ambiguity—who believed what, and who was there, for what reason—was a festering problem."
  • Last night, one of the streamers encountered a man at the end of the night who was ranting and raving about "Civil War 2.0: Electric Boogaloo" and it is truly terrifying. I had to look up what he was talking about, so here's some background and information to know who might be infiltrating otherwise peaceful demonstrations. 

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