Monday, May 11, 2020

CoViD-19: Diary Update | RIP Legendary DJ Steve West | Mexican Beer Deemed Not Essential | Sick Of AirBnB Parties? Call 211 | Kroger Cuts Hero Pay

Our Butterfly Was Back Today Feeling Quite Territorial Against Other Winged Creatures

I will not let Monday win today. In fact, it's been a pretty great day so far. I ran to Costco to refresh our produce and they had at least a truckload of TP, and as we've not eaten out this entire quarantine, I picked up a pizza. It was heavenly, to be honest. I respect everyone who is supporting local businesses and restaurants at this time, and if you feel they're safe enough and you have it in your budget to continue doing so, by all means, do what is right for your family, but for us, we're watching every penny in and out as we wait to hear if Darren is going to get any kind of PUA and knowing Casbah won't be back for some time. My UI certainly won't last forever. But beyond that, I was concerned about my butterfly and yard rabbit and both have been back, and the sparrows whose bushes were slaughtered by my neighbors have relocated to the other side of our house. The butterfly was even following as as Darren and Nova tossed a football back and forth. It was a nice and chill mother's day, we did a distanced visit with my mom and sister, and I fell asleep earlier than I have in weeks. Some links for today after the jump.

  • I just had to interrupt everything else to share this sad news for NBC. Legendary radio DJ Steve West has died after battling prostate and esophageal cancer. He was 68. 
    • Radio Host Steve West Loses Battle With Cancer - SoundDiego
    • My sister LOVED Steve West and had a lot to say about his passing.
      "I listen to the radio a lot. Steve is truly an icon that will be missed in San Diego. When you heard him on the radio, you just knew you were going to enjoy the playlist and you wanted to listen to everything he had to say. Steve West cultivated a special musical taste for so many San Diegans over the past 35 + years. He will truly be missed." - Christy Bystrak
  • I haven't been a Mexican beer consumer for quite some time, but I feel their pain. For what it's worth, there was plenty of Pacifico at Costco today. Mexico deemed beer non-essential so there's a massive shortage across the border. 
  • Kroger (Ralph's) Ends "Hero Bonus" During Peak Business while CEO takes home 435x what the average worker makes. Kroger continues to run ads praising "heroes."
  • State Daily Briefing: 
    • New announcements to come this week, but mostly Governor Newsom just spoke about the budget and unemployment and a ton of questions about Tesla reopening their factory today. Newsom has a very good game face even though you can tell he wants to call Elon Musk the dick that he is. 
    • It sounds like more relaxation of rules will come in the coming days, including relaxing the current metrics required for reopening. The state is considering excluding nursing facilities and group homes from death statistics which would lessen the numbers of illness/death, getting counties closer to reopening metrics which require 14 days of no new Covid-related deaths before moving forward.
  • County Health Briefing:
    • Zero Gatherings is still in force. AirBNB parties/gatherings are not allowed and  should be reported to law enforcement via non-emergency or 211. 
    • STVU/Hotels are still only allowed for Covid assistance and essential workers only. 
    • Community pools are not currently in stage 2. Primary focus is on curbside retail, supply chains and manufacturers that support that retail. People coming together from different households is not allowed. Pools will probably be stage 3. 
    • People keep suggesting the current pandemic has or will lead to increased suicides. Not so, say official county numbers: 
      • Suicide FY2019-2020 vs FY2018-2019
        • March 39 vs 44
        • April 28 vs 31 
    • State’s Next Reopening Requirement ‘Not Realistic’: SD Leaders Pen Letter to Governor - NBC San Diego 
  • I'm skipping the San Diego briefing today, since it sounds like Faulconer has met with the County to get on the same page. 

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