Friday, May 15, 2020

CoViD-19:House Passes HEROES Act | County Expands Testing | Wooten Shuts Down KUSI | Farewell, SoundDiego | Frances Quinlan Tiny Desk

Taken 5.10.2020 along the Imperial Beach segment of the Bayshore Bikeway

Can I just call a do-over on today? Some rando broke into our yard at like 4 in the morning, had a dumb work fiasco this morning, then got cut from SoundDiego this afternoon. Now I have to motivate and still muster up another week of articles and I don't know if I have it in me. Today's briefings were pretty chill, and as I predicted yesterday, we'll get them less frequently, though I had it backward and it's actually the County ones cutting to 3x a week, not the City, though I expect them to follow suit as Kev seems to be in lockstep with Cox. My neighbors have officially declared war for the summer, after crossing over my fence and slaughtering our bushes, they attempted to do more today until I screamed at them, and they've blaring their shit music all day long every day, not stopping until 9 or 10 at night, and sometimes beyond that. It's kind of one of those days where you feel powerless as everything spins out of control and it blows. Today's news after the jump.

  • As I mentioned, I'll no longer be contributing to SoundDiego. I've been doing show listings and lately local music news articles nearly every day for 10 years. I'm proud to have had three of my recent articles for SoundDiego end up featured on the main NBC San Diego website and get covered during the newscasts. I'm sad, but hopefully when this is all over and ad revenues return, there's a place for me to come back to. I don't know. It will definitely put a dent on my livelihood but I was neither shocked nor surprised by the news. I've got one more week of stories to write, so send me the best stories you've got about the local San Diego music scene. I was hoping to buy a new outdoor set at Ikea, but I guess I'm grateful now that buying online for pickup is harder than scoring first six rows at any Livenation concert. 
  • Before the pandemic hit, Frances Quinlan was scheduled to play the Casbah on March 14th. We had our last show on March 13th. She did a Tiny Desk Concert in February that was released this week and it is perfect. 
  • The House passed the HEROES act today. I can't imagine a scenario where this passes the Sentte, but I hope I'm wrong. Maybe Moscow Mitch will encourage it to pass to save covidiot-in-chief's reelection, but I doubt it. It's a shitload of money for a bunch of programs, but the main thing it means for YOU and ME is that it adds a second round of stimulus checks for adults and it continues the $600/week bonus on unemployment benefits through January.
  • There was no California Governor Newsom briefing today
  • County of San Diego Briefing:
    • Briefings will dial down to Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Did I call that, or what??)
    • 5200 Tests per day is a goal/4055 tests today
    • Supervisors as a whole believe we should be able to reopen if people are using safety protocols, temp screenings, distancing, hygiene, facial coverings
    • Nathan Fletcher, #wokeaf: "We have to ensure access, we have to ensure equity. We have to make sure that communities that may not have historical access to health care have access to testing in a meaningful and sustained way."
    • Every Saturday "Live Well On Wheels" at Euclid Health Center will offer free drive-up testing (by appointment only-- Call 211) 9am-3pm, 70 available per Saturday
    • Starting Tuesday 5/19, there will be a walk-in clinic at Tubman Chavez Center (132 tests per day, 7am-7pm, must have appointment)
    • San Diego Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrant Program will launch 5/18. Will be run by Jewish Family Services. Will assist immigrants with one time assistance of $500 per person, max $1000 per household. Call 858.206.8281
    • Dr Wooten, using the Johns Hopkins dashboard, said nearly 1/3 of worldwide cases are in the US. 
    • Daily San Diego cases are still rising over 100+ cases per day but testing is up so "downward trajectory" is being reported
    • Congregate facilities: cumulative 69 outbreaks; of those, 43 were in congregate facilities, 1269 total cases/97 deaths, 23 active outbreaks in community settings 275 cases/5 deaths
    • "Culture of adherence" to 4 strategies (hygiene/testing/temp & symptom check/face covering) is important to reopen
    • County will follow state, even if they decline accelerated opening
    • Dr. Wilma Wooten shut down Mike McKinnon of KUSI and it was GLORIOUS. He asked if businesses are allowed to reopen if they follow the strict safety protocols that the casinos are going to follow. "The short answer is uh, no." He's a dick and his station is more Fox-like than even Fox and it sucks, so it was nice she shut him down.
  • City of San Diego Briefing
    • Faulconer: "San Diego is ready to reopen" will continue to push Governor for accelerated opening 
    • SANDAG: Overall crime has decreased year to year 1.3%
      • One of the safest big cities in America
      • Lowest violent crime rate of top 10 cities 
    • Opening neighborhood park parking lots to half capacity starting on Monday
      • Physical distancing required/wear face coverings/wash hands well when you return home
      • Balboa Park and Mission Bay lots will remain closed

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