Thursday, May 28, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego Beaches To Reopen | Blood Needed | Face-Coverings Matter | Swap Meet Reopens | Private Equity Is Killing Us All

Starting on Tuesday, passive activities can resume at San Diego County Beaches (Taken 3.9.2020)
These sea lions are me, screaming at strangers to social distance and put on their goddamn masks. 
Darren and I had a fun little night in the speakeasy. We didn't end up going for photos yesterday as we ran out of time, but maybe after I publish this we'll head out since Nova's soccer Zoom is canceled today. Things are opening up around the City and the State and I'm trying to quell my anxiety about that. This pandemic sure hasn't made me trust any of my fellow humans. I'm already freaking out about going to see the sea lions and getting pissed that even though we all know very clearly what 6 feet of distance looks like, people still get way too close to the pinnipeds. Anyway, my last SoundDiego post published today, and I've been working up to a post on that, but until then, be safe out there.

  • I don't know if this is old news, but it's news to me. The San Diego Zoo finally added a Hippo Cam!! Check it out here
  • County of San Diego Briefing
    • Starting Tuesday, June 2, passive activities may resume at San Diego beaches for people within the same household, maintaining social distancing. 
    • San Diego County is promoting San Diego Blood Band for blood drive for "convalescent plasma" with Covid-19 antibodies or just regular blood donations because supply is far below what is normal (down to a 2 day supply of blood)
    • San Diego is not meeting demand for blood and "CCP" blood (Covid Convalescent Plasma). Must be recovered 28 days from Covid-19 
    • "Have we become a victim of our own success?" - Fletch 
    • San Diego has not moved into Stage 3 Pilot 
    • Boardwalks will be available to open depending on jurisdiction (law enforcement and lifeguards) 
    • County "triggers" data listed in attestation will be available online after Supervisor Board meeting 
    • Salons/Barber Shops were originally stage 3 but were moved by governor to accelerated Stage 2. Other salons/gyms are stage 3. 
    • Weddings are not included in church service guidance because of groups outside of households congregating. In-person weddings are still not allowed.
    • More testings sites are opening throughout the County, including at USD and Aquatica. Appointments must be made through 888.634.1123 or 211 (select language, then press 1)
    • No more press briefings until Monday. Find daily data at 
  • City of San Diego Daily Briefing:
    • Faster wireless being brought to communities - citywide expansion to 5G via Verizon (Hilariously, the media feed cut out while talking about faster internet)
    • Beaches - Starting Tuesday, June 2nd- Beaches will allow passive uses like sitting and sunbathing with same household members only. Sports like volleyball and football are not allowed. Lots and piers will remain closed.  
    • Slow Streets expansion- PB, Normal Heights, Emerald Hills. Expanding 100 additional blocks around the City, doubling current slow streets throughout June. Materials for signage and barricades are on their way. City council and public input is solicited Public can fill out survey. 
  • County, Rady Children’s to Test 2,000 Daily for COVID-19 Currently at 200/day, will take 2-3 weeks to hit 2k capacity- County News Center (5.27.2020) 
  • Regarding face covering-wearing: "The current question we need to address is a different one: whether covering the face protects other people from droplets emitted by the wearer —a measure known as source control. Source control works in a different way to wearer‐protection—by blocking large droplets as they are emitted in coughing, sneezing, and talking and before they become aerosolised. Large droplets (and indeed a proportion of aerosols) are blocked—not perfectly, but significantly—by cotton home‐made coverings."
    "Many Asian countries already had a culture of wearing masks for the benefit of others. It's slightly silly that we're still arguing over that. Or more than slightly sad, since it bespeaks a form of selfishness."- Rebecca Solnit
  • Chula Vista has postponed all 2020 festivals to 2021, including Lemon Fest, Southbay Earth Day, Chula Vista 4th Fest, and HarborFest
  • Kobey's Swap Meet is returning to the Pechanga Arena San Diego parking lot this Friday-Sunday.

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