Tuesday, May 19, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego County Board Creates Human Relations Commission | Not Winning, Just Moving The Goalposts | EDD ID Theft

Gonna go emulate this napping foosa at San Diego Zoo on 2.3.2020
The San Diego County Supervisors meeting has picked back up and it's mostly budget items on how to spend CARES money, and Gaspar floated through a bill that removes transparency for Neighborhood Reinvestment Funds and Grants and got a lot of calls about it because she has allocated funds to non-profits and community organizations of her supporters and got shut down with a 3-2 vote (Cox/Jacob/Fletcher vs Gaspar/Desmond). It was Item 17 if you're paying attention to their agenda. Fletcher spoke extensively about racism, hate-crimes, and anti-immigrant rhetoric for the establishment of the Leon L Williams Human Relations Commission because, once again, he's on a mission to prove he is #wokeaf, and I'm not complaining about that. (Leon called in and it was beautiful. You should definitely go back and watch this item on the agenda and listening to the callers for Agenda Item 26. The item passed unanimously.) The rest is really specific budget stuff, I just recommend checking out County News tonight or tomorrow to see the result of the meetings. More stuff after the jump.
  • This estimate suggests that models show that San Diego's Stay-At-Home and other measures prevented 145,202 hospitalizations and 15,217 deaths in San Diego.
  • Not to be negative nancy all the time, but this is a pretty good summary of Governor Newsom's Monday comments. This is from the Johns Hopkins University Center For Health Security Newsletter (5.19.2020), which points out that we're not beating the spread of the coronavirus, we're merely moving the goalposts to containment over suppression. 
    • "Many US states are beginning to relax social distancing measures in an attempt to return to modified forms of business. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an update to California’s plan that could potentially allow counties to move more quickly in their efforts to relax social distancing. Perhaps the most substantial change lies in updated epidemiological criteria for moving into State 2. Previously, counties were required to report “no more than 1 COVID-19 case per 10,000” population over the previous 2 weeks and no COVID-19 deaths over that same period. The updated requirements shift away from COVID-19 incidence and focus more on the impacts to healthcare systems. The new criteria require counties to have “stable/decreasing” COVID-19 hospitalizations—ie, less than a 5% daily increase—or no more than 20 total hospitalized COVID-19 patients over the previous 2 weeks. Additionally, counties must report fewer than 25 new cases per 100,000 population over a 2-week period or testing positivity below 8% over 1 week."
  • I first thought this article was people getting scammed for their benefits, but in reality it's a ring of criminals getting benefits by scamming the states. Still a massive problem, though what I wanted to suggest is watching your mail and deliveries. People are stealing EDD cards. 

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