Friday, May 22, 2020

CoViD-19: Memorial Day Weekend | Stay At Home Still In Effect | SD Job Portal

Memorial Day Weekend Hike at Kumeyaay Lake 2019
I spent the evening finishing my final post for SoundDiego and going through the remainder of my emails for the day. I'll be tuning into the press briefings on Friday, but I'll only post them if there are major changes. I can't imagine the Governor will approve Stage 3 pilot before the weekend because businesses just aren't ready. Many of the stage 2 restaurants and retail are pushing back openings as it is. It is possible the County or City could expand beach & park parking lots or open up Balboa Park and Mission Bay, but again, I don't see either of those things being ready without more safety protocols and guidelines in place and unfortunately they just lend themselves to gatherings, which are still strictly prohibited with non-household members. A friend of mine got stopped for riding her bike through Balboa Park, so I wouldn't push your luck. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Some reminders and a job portal after the jump.

  • As we move into Memorial Day weekend, bear in mind that the statewide Stay-At-Home order is still in effect, though San Diego got the variance to move through Stage 2, at this point only retail and restaurants are open. 
  • Hotels are still supposed to be closed except for essential workers or patients who've been isolated by County Health. 
  • HOA & public pools, churches, gyms, salons, bars, clubs, and schools all remain closed.
  • Mission Bay Park and Balboa Park remain closed.
  • California State Parks: Border Field SP, Torrey Pines SNR, Leucadia SB remain closed.
  • Beach parking lots remain closed, and sitting still/picnics/sunbathing is still prohibited. 
  • Masks are REQUIRED in public whenever you're within six feet of other humans and when you're in enclosed businesses. The way I understand things, once seated in a restaurant, you can remove your mask for eating, but if you get up to use the restroom, as you enter or exit, if you approach staff or any other instances, you must put your mask back on your face. 
  • If you don't like the rules, you are still welcome to stay home. 

  • San Diego Workforce Partnership has been measuring statistics during the pandemic of job losses and businesses that have closed. Those are grim, but they also have a job portal that is accessible for all San Diegans that can link you up with job training, job leads, and one-on-one assistance.
    • San Diego Workforce Partnership Job Portal
      • 482 total businesses reporting layoffs to the Workforce Partnership since March 10, 2020 (up from 470 last week)
      • 72,446 total reported employees affected since March 10, 2020 (up from 68,537 last week)
      • 237 open jobs that the Workforce Partnership team is working to fill with local employers

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