Thursday, May 21, 2020

CoViD-19: State Approves Stage 2 Restaurant & Retail Opening | Innovation Week | Drew Andrews Donates Antibodies | County & City Briefings

Today is World Bee Day (taken 3.23.2019)
The big news tonight is that San Diego has met the 'attestation' metrics issued by the state, so we can move into the rest of stage 2, which means dine-in restaurants and remaining retail shopping can now open (Though as KPBS reports, dining in is going to be very, very different.) The announcement came Wednesday night, long after the media briefing was over. I've been waiting to shop at IKEA so hopefully in the next few days they roll out their opening. I'm watching this show on a streaming network called Topic about people being treated for phobias or PTSD called A Cure For Fear and it is intense. And I know it's not nice to laugh when people are genuinely suffering, but there's a dude afraid of spiders and one of mice and their reactions are priceless. Anyway, lots of information came down today, so check it all after the jump.

  • I just thought it was important to reshare Nathan Fletcher's quote from yesterday when he was the one "no" vote against proposal to propose a pilot to move into Stage 3. We're not ready and rushing these things leads to the idiot woman at Target last night letting her little jerkass kids skate all over the store on their Heelies or the dicks who are refusing to wear masks in public. (#IstandwithTison)

    Here's what Supervisor Fletcher said: "I just want to weigh in here. I fully support us moving into stage 2 and I want to thank all of the work that has been done to come up with the plan with our attesting to meeting the criteria that the Governor has outlined...Given that we have not even implemented Stage 2, I don't believe it's the time to call on the State to immediately allow us to go into Stage 3.
    The Governor has alluded to Stage 3 beginning the first week of June, merely two weeks away-less than two weeks away, and I think it is appropriate that we continue what has been a very responsible and very thoughtful reopening.
    Our ability to continue reopening is contingent upon our ability to do it in phases. And while I certainly understand the tremendous economic impact that this is having and I understand there's tremendous pressure that people are feeling, but I think that the lessons of history and the lessons of the present with the number of countries guide us to believe that doing this in a thoughtful and methodical way is best. So I fully support moving all the way through stage 2, and I think a week or so from now we'll be able to look at stage 3 moving forward, but I don't presently support on calling on the State to allow us immediately move through stage 3."
  • San Diego County Media Briefing:
    • Recap of Supervisors meeting yesterday (I covered it all here and here)
    • Neither remainder Stage 2 openings (dine-in restaurants & retail) or Stage 3 Pilot have been approved by Governor yet
    • $25 million from CARES will be distributed to smaller cities of San Diego. Awaiting $25 million more from the State for smaller cities. 
    • Nathan Fletcher is done mincing words and playing nice. 
      • "We want to make sure that the tremendous progress doesn't lull us into a false sense of complacency or a false sense of security." 
      • "In that mindset of adaptation, we move out of this by not triggering mass outbreaks and spreads." (Handwashing/Temp & health screenings/social distancing/Face coverings)
      • "No one of these four things is fool-proof, but it is about mitigating risk...and when all four are used together, it does provide significant protections."
      • "Face coverings are uncomfortable, at times can be irritating, but rest assured, a face covering is a lot more comfortable than a ventilator." 
      • "Mass gatherings are inconsistent with the public health order. We also want to remind you that mass gatherings are a place that triggers the majority of the outbreaks...the most significant number of outbreaks are at congregate care settings. That is because that's the only place that's congregating."
      • "As you look around the country and you see other outbreaks happening at religious ceremonies and events where people are choosing to gather in time and duration and intensity in a way that helps facilitate the spread." 
      • "We know that there's a desire to get back and move forward...It is really incumbent that we do this in a responsible way, that we do this in in a phased way and that we continue to move forward together."
      • "I would say that the overwhelming majority of economic assistance is going to be derived primarily from the federal government. Local governments do not have the ability legally or constitutionally to deficit spend."
    • Allocated $17million for small business economic recovery/hospitality
    • Allocated $15million for mental health treatment and drug treatment
    • Provided $2million in child welfare services. Calls are down because the main "mandated reporters" are teachers, so need to add staff
    • Funerals: now allowed and permissible by state guidelines. Outdoors are encouraged, but inside is allowed. Everyone must wear face covering. Must maintain 6 feet of physical distancing with people outside of household. Encouraged to limit attendance and elderly people or people with underlying health conditions should be limited or use extreme caution. 
    • Restaurants: in-person dining is still not allowed. Waiting for regional variance for Stage 2 from Governor. Must have "safe reopening" plan in place, share with County (no approval necessary), on exterior of building, and with staff. Use California guide. 
    • Beaches: Working with coastal cities, lifeguards, and mayors to ease restrictions. Expect to hear back next week. Current restrictions remain through Memorial Day weekend. Must be moving, no stationary. Parking lots remain closed. Cities have ultimate say on openings.
    • Highest day of testing to date: 4802. 114 new positive. 2% positive.
    • County now has 281 contact tracers in place
    • USA #1! 31% of global cases; 92,645 deaths in US
    • CEOs from Scripps and Sharp DO NOT support pilot program to move to phase 3 (but Palomar health and UCSD CEOs do)
    • Stage 3 is a pilot program REQUEST, we will not move outside of state guidance or guidelines
    • Restaurants are going to be especially challenging because they're already working on razor-thin margins, high fixed costs, and will have lowered capacity
    • County is taking a "tiered approach" at jails. Sheriffs don't plan on testing all inmates.
  • San Diego City Media Briefing:
    • Small Business Relief Fund's $6 million for loans and grants ran out quickly; more help is on the way for original applicants ($13 million from Federal CARES Act). Eligibility will be expanded, so funds may be requested by freelance workers, home-based businesses, and independent contractors.
    • The City is adding more Slow Streets in San Diego
  • I don't identify as Catholic, but I was baptized by Father Brown. When I asked my parents about him, they said "he was a really great man who really worked hard to end the gang violence in Barrio Logan back in the day." 

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