Wednesday, May 27, 2020

CoVid-19: Wear A Goddamn Mask, 'Patriot' | Mass Reopenings Planned | MoMM Undergoes Renovations | San Diego Announces Visual Art Initiatives

San Diego Zoo, You're In My Dreams. (Taken 1.19.2020)

I know that nobody wants to hear anybody else's dreams, but for my mood context today, I'll just say I had 2 weird/bad dreams. In one I got in a massive fight with my sister over the dumbest little thing and in the other, I found out the San Diego Zoo had invited frequent photographers to come act like 'comfort humans' to the lonely animals before they could open to the public, and I wasn't invited and I was butthurt about it, so I showed up and crashed it anyway. This is what I get for trying to get a full night's sleep; last night I was in bed by 9pm, and was the kind of tired where I barely had enough energy to change from my 'day pajamas' to my 'night pajamas'. This morning when I did wake up (and recovered from the dreams) I was catching up on some Lefsetz and Seth Godin and political and Covid emails and just got further bummed out. 

But it's been a nice day in the yard, there were no state or county briefings today, and we're going to go play with my tripod and flowers at a park in a little bit. There's a mourning cloak butterfly who has been visiting the same time the past few days, though it has yet to land on me so I don't think it is the same one as before, but we've also been getting daily visits from some cabbage crawlers, a monarch, a hummingbird who does a low flyover everyday around 5pm, and BunBun has been hanging around a lot, too, so we're probably gonna go a little nuts buying some plants for pollinators in the yard. Also, Superhero Darren did like 15 loads of clothing and bedding at the laundromat, so I'll have all the 'day pajamas' and 'night pajamas' I'll need for a least a few weeks. Today's links and information of note after the jump.  

  • If you want to see the official updated health order from the County of San Diego, you can see the whole thing here. But it's kinda poorly written, saying we still have to stay home except if we're in transit to and from essential or non-essential businesses. (Huh??)
  • We have so many publicists and PR professionals in this country. And *obviously* all media is biased and run by liberals, SURELY we can change the whole narrative on the face covering things. It's making me crazy that covidiots and MAGAs and the administration keep getting to win this narrative by astroturfing and knowing that the loudest one in the room doesn't win, necessarily, but anyone with a brain just throws their hands up and surrenders because there's no point in arguing with stupid people. Here are some ways to appeal/shame to the MAGA covidiots:
  • Numbers of cases are still rising, but apparently we're cool with where the numbers are today and where they're headed because massive reopenings are in store in the coming weeks. 
  • San Diego's Museum of Making Music had been planning renovations for some time, and since we're in pandemic mode, they decided to take advantage of the closure for major renovations. They expect to reopen in early 2021. 
  • City of San Diego Mayor's Briefing 
    • New funds for Arts & Culture community - 
      • $1 million fund will be split into two initiatives 
        • "SD Practice" $500k gift from Thomas O'Rasmussen to directly acquire art from local artists
        • "Park Social" - Arts will reflect natural beauty - 18 artists to do site-specific art projects in our parks/parklets/beaches/trails in every City Council district
    • Voices of Our City Choir got the "Golden Buzzer" on America's Got Talent led by Steph Johnson

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