Monday, May 04, 2020

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We've been loving the daily visits from this Mourning Cloak butterfly
I had a really excellent weekend. Everyone always tells us how important it is to exercise, but life is really hard right now and you should pat yourself on the back just for getting out of bed, for taking a shower, for cooking a meal. But I guess I have to admit the experts know what they're talking about. We took advantage of the beautiful weather playing some backyard volleyball, badminton, football, and I decided to attempt tennis lessons for Nova, but then I served up a couple baskets and it felt so good to get my heart really pumping and breaking a sweat. We had a nice dinner in the yard and the mourning cloak butterfly who keeps coming back every day returned and landed on Nova. The night got a little weird as there was some gnarly arrest at the gas station on my block, but it seemed t have resolved without incident. Still, that many cops and the helicopter and the yelling is very nerve-wracking. Don't forget that all the SXSW Film Festival movies are on Amazon Primeright now. "Quilt Fever" is a short and it's super cute and will give you the warm fuzzies. Everyone is talking about "My Darling Vivian," too, so that one is added to my queue. I think we all saw pictures and stories about that piece of shit at Vons in Santee wearing a KKK Hood, but I'm trying not to give the story oxygen. Still, some links after the jump:

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