Monday, July 12, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Surging | CA Releases School Guidance | Single Tickets To The Shell Go On Sale Tuesday |


Lauren Ruth Ward at Casbah (Taken 3.13.2020)

Today we had a big Casbah staff reunion and meeting and it solidified one thing for me: I'm not ready. 

Even knowing that our staff have been fully vaccinated, there were some new guys I didn't know, and the hair on the back of me neck rises a little every time someone coughs. Why are you coughing in public? If you're coughing you need to stay home or drink some damn water. Still, it was cool to see everyone and the office remodel looks super sick. 

It's my own fault though. I was scrolling through my usual Twitter feed and these doctors who've been sharing super valuable information during the pandemic are all either talking about the rise of delta cases in their ERs or practices or even some of them talking about getting breakthrough illness simple because of exposure to their patients and then passing it along to their kids. There's all this new information coming out about that the reason that Delta may spread so easily with "fleeting contact" is because the viral load is so much higher than other variants and the original wildtype and it's terrifying. 

And even though San Diego is doing pretty good with vaccinations, the under-30s are still only about half-vaccinated and those are the people us olds will be sharing air with at concerts. And we know that people who aren't vaccinating are also the ones who won't wear masks if it's required anyway. COVID Act Now has downgraded California back to a high risk level, thanks to low-vax counties and the influx of tourists no doubt spreading their junk. I know the numbers are a little wonky today because the state and county have stopped weekend reporting but they're really worth keeping an eye on. I know I will. 

Stay safe out there.    

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