Sunday, July 18, 2021

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R.I.P. Christmas Tree 2020 (Taken 12.11.21)

In one of my many reads over the weekend, I learned about CrowdTangle which is kinda like a Tweetdeck but instead of your feeds it follows trending posts and topics. It was essentially how the CCDH came up with it's "Disinformation Dozen" report. (See my post from Friday for links). I obviously don't click on everything posted, but I did see a post scroll by about how the cost of Christmas trees is going to skyrocket this year: shortages of drivers and gasoline output will hopefully readjust to regular supply years by Christmas, but the drought and fires are already taking out 50% of the supply. I wonder if this is the year I just get a fake tree. Or maybe we should buy an alternative living tree that we can dress up by the time Christmas rolls around? Or maybe we just do Christmas in July after all? I don't really know, but let's just already agree that by November this will be dominating the news cycle, it will be Joe Biden and the Libs' fault, and we officially canceled/ruined Christmas as we've always been trying to do as part of our evil scheme to establish a Socialist America.

I included an important link below from Robert Reich about inflation and also the big news that OPEC+ has come to an agreement about restoring world oil supplies over the next 12 months, although still not reaching pre-pandemic levels. I saw a story yesterday lamenting that Californians pay the highest taxes on gas and was like, "so what?" As a native, I was raised when we had "smog days" that were so dirty we weren't allowed to go outside. I would also love for our state to get cleaned up, for bike lanes and alternative travel to be given priority by our gas taxes, and for the disincentivizing of giant monster trucks on our roadways. And we have a giant van, but we're actually disincentivized from using except when we really need to. The tax works as intended.       

I guess we gotta go pick up the kid, though I gotta admit it was a nice and chill Sunday around here. Had an iced coffee on the catio while I read my feeds, played with the kittens, made a massive brunch for me and Darren, and now it's already late afternoon. Yikes. Time flies. 

I will post some links about the aftermath of those protests yesterday that I mentioned on Friday, but I haven't seen any reliable coverage besides people at the scenes which are extremely biased on both sides. Maybe that's all there is and MSM just didn't take the bait. 

Stay safe out there.  Data reporting will resume tomorrow. 

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