Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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Jake Najor, Me, and Tim Fears (Taken 1.28.2020)

It wasn't until late yesterday, when we finally got home from getting Nova from Chula Vista and doing some shopping, that I learned that Jake Najor is in the hospital. His beautiful and amazing girlfriend Sabrina has been keeping everyone updated, though nobody has been specific about what is going on or why he's in ICU. What we do know is that it's very serious, it's not COVID or related, and that he needs surgery but as of yesterday wasn't stable enough to go into surgery. In the latest update, Sabrina says, "Jake is getting your messages/texts. He simply does not have the energy to reply back, which is okay because the little bit of energy he does have is going into each and every breath, literally 💛 ...Today, his spirits were a little higher, and he is definitely not worse, but getting better is going very slowly." 

I love Jake with all my heart and we've been friends for many years and I'm devastated knowing that he's suffering right now. Obviously he is a super beloved person among the music community and the greater community at large, evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of messages from well-wishers, and just by how many people have reached out to me directly to ask if I know anything. (I don't besides what's publicly posted on Facebook) Please send all the positive healing energy or prayers or thoughts or whatever you've got to get to comfort Jake and his family at this time.   

It's made today really hard to focus on anything else, but I'm trying to catch up tonight. I'm still working through email so I'll do a second post if there's anything important to share, but mostly you already know: cases are rising in all 50 states, doctors and experts but not the CDC are recommending masking indoors whether or not you're vaccinated, and unvaccinated people are refusing vaccines and masking and continue to drive the pandemic to own the libs. Also, Texas senators are super chill with white supremacy. 

Stay safe out there. 

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