Thursday, July 15, 2021

CoViD-19: LA Returns To Mandatory Masking | When Will We Booster? | MIT: It's The End Of The World As We Know It | County Addresses Environmental Justice in General Plan |

Beluga Whale at Sea World San Diego (Taken 6.28.21)

I am having a day. I don't know what is different between yesterday and today but my laptop is being super wonky and every function is taking minutes, not seconds, and I've literally been working for 14 hours trying to get done what I normally can in 4 or 5. It is so frustrating. Our internet went down because Cox was working on it but it just hasn't been the same since it came back online. Then I restarted my computer thinking that would help and McAfee installed and it's making me insane. On top of all that, I've had a toothache the past day or two and I'm dreading having to go to a dentist to see what's up. So I wish I had fun stuff to talk about but I don't, I'm only here to grumble. All I wanted was to go to the Zoo or Sea World today but I just couldn't get my shit together. 

Tonight was the Casbah's first rock show since March 2020 and from all accounts I can see it was packed, but I'm playing it safe. LA and some other smaller counties have reinstated mandatory masking indoors regardless of vaccination status and I'm fully onboard because if we still were doing the Blueprint for a Safer Reopening, we'd be back in the Orange Tier. There are reports of a breakthrough cluster in Las Vegas among fully vaccinated adults at a pool party (OUTDOORS!) and it got me thinking that we deserve better breakthrough reporting: tell us the people's ages, which vaccine people had, tell us if the people are symptomatic. But to be honest, I'd just be happy to see San Diego Country return to their daily data reporting, and especially breakdown their demographic chart further between partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated. A news commentator said that Libs are addicted to the pandemic, but the reality for me is that I need to know as much as there is to know to move through a world with people who just don't give a shit. 

Stay safe out there. 

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