Tuesday, July 06, 2021

CoViD-19: Vaccination Uptake Low Among Stupids | Delta Dominant In CA |

Jacaranda and Magnolia in a rare quiet moment on the new couch. 

Unsurprisingly there is very little data reporting today, which I guess is expected but it also feels like public health officials are sending the message that the pandemic is over. It feels like that information is based off the fact that anybody can access a vaccine who wants one so at this point if you haven't vaxxed up, your future illness is on you? It still feels premature to me.

We were at Sea World earlier tonight and decided to watch the new Cirque show and thought we were sitting far away from people, but then got crowded in by all the late arrivals and I felt so claustrophobic, even being outside. The cirque shows used to be so good, but this one felt a little like watching America's Got Talent and while the two motorcycles in a globe trick, a contortionist, rollerskate dancers, and tightrope acrobatics are cool for kids, I wouldn't really recommend the show, unless you really want to see what 1984 felt like and sit surrounded by unmasked people for almost 45 minutes.

I keep seeing all these stories about the massive amounts of people who traveled this weekend and all I can really say is thanks for coming, now go home. Kidding but not kidding. Did you see how much trash cleanup there was at our beaches? People can be so disgusting. It always shocks me at Sea World and the Zoo, too. Both lots have an abundance of trash and recycle bins around their lots and people still think the ground is the perfect place to clean out their cars of 6 months of fast food wrappers. 

My sister is one of those who traveled and is in Kauai right now and will be back tomorrow and assures me that she will get tested on Wednesday and will also finally get Johanna vaccinated, though she told me their Kaiser doctor was recommending waiting until there's more data on myocarditis which seriously pissed me off when she told me. I told her the risk for myocarditis after COVID and long COVID is way more risky than the vaccine and then sent her the link I've included below (The CDC says the rate of myocarditis is 12.6/1,000,000.) Not vaccinating right now is super dumb, and we have to be especially careful around my dad who has tons of chronic illnesses and was only able to get the single dose J&J shot. I will press her to follow through. As should you if you still have family who have yet to get the shots. 

Stay safe out there. 

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