Saturday, July 03, 2021

CoViD-19: CA Capitol Outbreak Includes Breakthroughs | Psaki's Latest Doocy Disses | 4th of July Safety: Pets, Booze, 'Works | Busy Biden |

Southern White Rhino Mwezi at San Diego Zoo Safari Park  (Taken 7.1.21)

Today's post is just kind of a recap of the past day or two of news. I was gonna post last night but then got super tired after our big Costco adventure and had to be somewhat coherent this morning because *drumroll* our new couch was delivered today! I was so sick of shopping at furniture stores and seeing how backlogged they were. You may or may not remember that once upon a time I worked as a media buyer for Mor Furniture and at my agency before that we had Jerome's as a client, but I couldn't bring myself to buy from either, especially when you'd look online and they'd say "this item is on back order and will take 8-12 weeks for delivery." So I ordered sight unseen from an online merchandiser who I'd prefer to leave nameless because their ex-CEO is a creep. Our couch before wasn't the best, we bought it gently used from a furniture store in North Park, but the pandemic really sucked away any life it had left and we were constantly cleaning and pulling escaped down feathers from our hair, our laundry, everything.  

And anyway, today's news isn't really news at all...just more stuff about Delta, lots of action in the White House, and a bunch of warnings about staying safe this weekend because (1) fireworks are dangerous (2) drinking and driving is bad (3) this is now the busiest travel weekend since before March 2020 (4) many pockets of the country have low vaccination rates and the virus is still very dangerous to the unvaxxed. The news keeps saying "the White House missed their goal" of vaccinated but I'm kinda sick of hearing it already. At least here in San Diego, you have no excuse to not have a vaccine by now. It's been made available in numerous places with numerous incentives and no appointment, late-night, around public transit clinics throughout the past six months. It isn't the White House's fault if you're willfully choosing to listen to conspiracies, anti-vaxxers, and general misinformation that comes from people who do not wish you well. So yeah, I said what I said. 

I'm gonna get back to lounging on my new couch and will catch up tomorrow. Maybe. Both the State and County didn't update numbers today, so I suspect that will be true through Monday. Stay safe out there. 


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