Saturday, July 10, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Cases Rising, Driven By Unvaxxed People Under 30 | California Maintains Mask Mandate For Schools | Delta Demands Air | Parks Master Plan Update | CA Recall "A Farce" |

(Taken 5.26.21)

Just because you're loudest in the room, doesn't mean you're right. Tonight every local news jumped on the CDC's updated school guidance which says vaccinated staff and students may drop masks this fall, but CDPH is keeping the mandate. They showed these morons from a local organization who plan on filing a lawsuit to make California comply with CDC guidance. The problem with that notion, however, is that the state is exactly in line with the CDC, which allows for "localities to monitor community transmission, vaccination coverage, screening testing, and occurrence of outbreaks to guide decisions on the level of layered prevention strategies." Masking is one of many "layered protection strategies." Right now, less than half of the 12-19 year olds in San Diego County have been vaccinated. As I tweeted earlier, "For every parent who wants masks off, there are parents like us who won't send our kids to school WITHOUT a mask requirement. If #letthembreathe don't like it, we should just mandate vaccines and vax passports." 

Just because they're vocal and outspoken, doesn't make them right. Just like the assholes who stormed the Capitol during the insurrection, just like the former guy, just like the moneyed interests who are pushing for the California recall. 

Which also got me freaked out today. Because it occurred to me that while every registered Californian will receive a ballot, those motivated to recall will vote, while some of those who think it's a nuisance will have to be reminded and urged to return the ballots to keep Gavin Newsom in office even though a large majority of Californians support him and the job he is doing. Our recall process is thoroughly outrageous. The NYT opinion by Ezra Klein, linked below, is worth the read.  

I took my sweet ass time posting today because I had a million emails and they were all worth reading and there's a lot worth sharing. Notably, the County of San Diego held a press conference and reverted back to daily updates of cases and deaths because the numbers are increasing once again, which should come as no surprise after the June 15th reopening and 4th of July weekend. Expect those numbers to keep climbing in the next few days as case reporting and illness onset can lag holidays by a couple weeks. Earlier this week, our county's community transmission was considered low by CDC standards and now we're back to mild and the estimated R-effective or reproduction number, which once got down to .6, is now back over 1 at 1.11. 

But yeah, lets give airtime to the bitches who think their little precious monsters shouldn't have to wear masks. They're the exact reason why I'll keep masking up and if and when boosters are recommended, I'll be right in line to do so. 

In good/bad news, today I learned (by reading the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Journal, formerly Zoonooz,) earlier this year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature was able to separate species of African elephants between forest elephants and savannah elephants. This is good, because the general category of African elephant numbers were threatened, but now they get to be categorized as critically endangered and endangered, respectively, which is obviously bad, but it's also good because the more endangered, the more protections and stricter the penalties for poaching and whatnot. Sorry for posting so late. Now I'm gonna watch RHOBH and follow the Erika Jayne saga. 

Stay safe out there. 

Proportion of COVID-19-Associated Hospitalizations by Age Group (Source CDC) 

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