Sunday, July 11, 2021

CoViD-19: R-Eff On The Rise | Educators Applaud School Masking Mandate | Kill The Rich |

Sunbird (Maybe?) at Africa Rocks Aviary, San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.8.21)

The downside of being a media junkie is that sometimes the world is just overwhelming. I can't stop thinking about images I watched of families in Iraq whose power was cut during 120+ degree weather, and then think about Haiti and Myanmar and Lebanon and Syria and Afghanistan and all these places with immense human suffering and if any of it even makes the news, it's all bumpered with headline news that Richard Branson went to "space" and is now gonna charge $250,000 per flight to a waitlist of over 600 people and it's fucking absurd and disgusting and should be fucking criminal. 

Then I'm fighting with some douchebag on Twitter who is trying to equivocate school masking with fully vaccinated adults at a brewery and have to point out to the moron that <50% of eligible kids have been vaccinated and having drinks for an hour or two at a brewery is way different than kids sitting in classrooms in decrepit buildings for 7+ hours a day while half or more of their peers are unvaccinated and sharing the same air and space. 

I should really take a breath. 

I'm gonna watch my silly kittens play with their Tower of Tracks for a while. 

Stay safe out there. 


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