Thursday, July 08, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diegans Should Get Their 2nd Dose Regardless of Time Passed | Vaccinated Should Still Test When Upper Respiratory Symptoms Present | Hospitality Biz Sees Massive Increases |

Okapi Toby, b. Feb 2021, at San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.29.21)

This morning we had been expecting an electrician who is upgrading the power for our building because the neighbors downstairs requested it. They're all students, but they're all also gamers, and for all I know they're mining bitcoin or something because we literally never see them. But I didn't expect the electrician to just ladder up onto our balcony. That was a bit of a surprise. Going back to bed was not a possibility after that. 

I've been trying to work more productively in the day while everyone kinda does their own thing around the house and so I'm actually gonna publish early today and can hopefully put the Casbah newsletter together before Nova gets out of band ensemble and maybe we can do a double-dip tonight at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. I was also a little embarrassed by the state of the apartment when the electrician came through so today also involved some deep cleaning and it feels so nice in here now. I will tackle my closet someday, but today isn't that day. 

There wasn't a lot of eye-catching news today, though this viral TikTok of cops slamming into each other is kinda funny. Or I guess I should say there's always "news" but nothing I should really dip into in the scope of my goals here. There's a lot of talk about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the assassination in Haiti, and the Olympics banning fans from events, and the Governor held a media briefing to roll out some water-related proclamations. I'll update this post if they come online. Jen Psaki had a couple zingers, too, if you're into White House press briefings. 

The White House COVID-19 briefing was a little annoying because they're toeing this line of suggesting masks in high-risk situations without them being under guidance or recommendation because apparently Americans are too stupid to understand any nuance without massive outrage and politicizing it. We've already seen states ban mask-mandates, and now vaccine-mandates, and oh, the uproar, when Biden said people would go door-to-door to help meet people where they are for vaccinations. We've been watching these deep-dive videos into the Handmaid's Tale and sometimes it's hard to see us being far away from Gilead. I'm gonna just keep doing what I'm doing...masking up, keeping my distance from non-household people, and scowling when someone coughs or sneezes in my direction. 

Stay safe out there. 

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