Thursday, July 22, 2021

CoViD-19: 'It's Too Late' To Vaccinate When You're Dying of COVID | County Cases Rise 82% In One Week | More Breakthroughs | US Extends Border Restrictions | Christmas is Canceled |


Support Jake Najor's GoFundMe (Taken 1.27.21)

I had this really productive day but there was so much going on today that I'm really not gonna get it all covered. What I am gonna keep doing is posting pictures of Jake Najor and posting his GoFundMe

There were some notable things today that I do want to mention. It feels like there has litrally been flooding on every part of the planet except for the drought-stricken west coast of the United States and Canada, and not that we want floods because our infrastructure certainly would not be able to handle a deluge, some liquid from the sky would be nice. We were watching as the live coverage was rolling in on the floods in China and Germany and Denmark earlier in the week, and it's horrifying and hundreds if not thousands of lives are being lost but also so much rebuilding to do, which make me think of some themes I've been thinking about a lot over the last several weeks and those are (1) all news is climate news and (2) Christmas 2021 is canceled. 

Obviously I don't really think Christmas is canceled, but this whole year we've been hearing about supply chains backed up and chip shortages and shipping container shortages and worker shortages and gas prices increasing and China closing their busiest port for 3 weeks due to COVID and the backed up containers in Long Beach and nobody wants to work and everyone wants cheap shit from Dollar General and all the Christmas trees are on fire in Oregon and you better get used to black coffee because there's gonna be an almond shortage due to drought and it's a good thing you got used to paying $15 for a salad in your fancy restaurants because if you wanna buy lettuce this summer that's pretty much what it's gonna cost you and don't even get me started on the farmers spraying sunscreen on their grapes so they don't turn into raisins before they can be made into wine. The crazy shit is literally none of this has to do with this administration but we will never hear the end of how everything is his fault. All I'm saying is you should probably start your Christmas shopping now, or skip it this year entirely and put the money aside for shit you actually might really need. 

CoViD-19 is bad everywhere, today was data update day for the county and they were kind enough to make a slide like I asked for with partially vaxxed and fully vaxxed broken down by age group and as a percentage of that part of the population. It's not exactly what I wanted because they broke it up in weird age brackets, but the point was that 18-29 year olds are still less than 50% fully vaccinated, so if you were at emo nite or a busy place where college aged kids party, you may wanna get tested. 

Stay safe out there. 

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