Tuesday, July 20, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Dominates with 83% of Sequenced Cases ; Mask Up | Fauci Calls Out 'Liar' Rand Paul | Verify Your Voter Registration; Vote No On The Recall | GoFundMe For Jake Najor |


Jake Najor, Drum Beast (Taken 1.27.21)

Jake's best friend shared a GoFundMe for Jake that includes more information on his condition. "On Friday, July 16th Jake went to the ER, thinking he was having a bout with stomach flu, GERD, or maybe food poisoning. It turned out that he was in a much more serious state. Jake was admitted to the hospital right away to be treated for pancreatitis and to schedule gallbladder removal surgery. By the late morning he had developed sepsis and complications have followed. He is currently receiving dialysis, and we are confident that he is receiving the best possible medical care." If you can donate, please do so here, and spread the word. I briefly messaged with Sabrina and she was glad he's not getting worse, but his improvement is slow-going and he needs all the positive energy we can muster.

Today was an interesting day in politics as Dr. Fauci, Dr. Walensky and others testified in front of Congress and there was a brutal exchange with Dr. Fauci shutting down fake doctor Rand Paul. Bezos also did his space flight and got widely criticized for being a dick and literally getting rich on the backs of his workers. But of course, the big news is COVID-19 and how quickly the Delta Variant is spreading. KTLA did the math and San Diego would be back in purple if we were in the old tier system. Also, while data is still being gathered, there's evidence that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has lower durability against the variant, so it would be really smart to keep masking up and behaving with caution if that's the one you got. I should also apologize with my post yesterday about breakthroughs. I should better emphasize that testing positive with Sars-COV-2 is not necessarily translating to getting the disease of COVID-19. Vaccinated people are mostly protected from severe illness and outcomes, even with the J&J vaccine, but why wouldn't you be as safe as possible when you don't know the vaccination and status of people around you? It would be great if enough pressure was put on the CDC to reinstate masking guidance and tracking all breakthrough infections, but I don't know that any circumstances would make them do so, so we're really on our own to keep ourselves and our families safe. 

Once again, I completely forgot to do listings for the week so I'll get right on that and wish you all well. Stay safe out there.  

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