Thursday, July 22, 2021

CoViD-19: Young Driving Pandemic - 1 in 4 San Diego Cases Among 20-29 Year Olds | Vaccine Breakthroughs Considered Exceedingly Low | AHA Supports Mandated Vaccines |


Rodney, Jake Najor, and me. Donate to Jake's GoFundMe (Taken 12.25.19)

Here's the link again to Jake Najor's GoFundMe. It has far exceeded the original goal, but as we well know, medical bills and living while in medical recovery is incredibly challenging. If that kid from Starbuck's got over $100k because some Karen yelled at him for asking her to wear a mask, we can make things nice and cozy for Jake. Jake's amazing girlfriend Sabrina said that he's doing better, but he's still in ICU and will be for at least a few more days, pending his improvement and ability to get surgery. He posted today, too, so it was great to see he's positive and going to beat this thing, even celebrating that he got to add jello to his hospital diet. I know how much he loves scrolling through his feeds, so I know he is seeing everything we're posting and can't wait for him to feel better and back to himself again. 

Today was a pretty chill day around here. Apparently my capacity for busy days is limited to once a week. I did all kinds of stuff yesterday topped off with a trip to Sea World, and today was just a TV day. Today's COVID-19 media briefing is worth watching as Dr. Fauci details breakthrough cases and vaccine efficacy. Jen Psaki is also worth watching too, because she's kinda like a cat just intending to play with a mouse before she accidentally murders it whenever she engages with Peter Doocy. And while I'm recommending YouTube links, this segment of Seth Meyers and Lorde day drinking which had me in tears by the end. I don't have any major plans for the weekend but hopefully it will be more comfortable weather and I can get some backyard and gardening time in. There are fun indoor and outdoor events this weekend, too, so maybe I'll brave ArtWalk of something. 

Stay safe out there.  
  • COVID-19:
    • Let's face it. We're not really learning anything new about COVID-19 these days. We know that Delta is dominating across the country, even if the US is only sequencing a small amount of cases. We knew the delta variant was coming and did nothing to stop it and so we are where we are. Lambda has now been detected in the US, too. Now it's a matter of what to do about it. I'm going to keep posting interesting articles and information, but it's really a lot of the same...more people need to get vaccinated, people are still dying though cases are still about a third of what they were in January and deaths are about 20% of what they were, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are mostly the same circle on a venn diagram and the desperate news will continue to platform these people to make it look like there's a debate even if it's only 12 stupid moms and their poor misguided children showing up to Let Them Breathe rallies. I don't expect the CDC will walk back masking guidance, but hopefully they get their shit together and get back to tracking breakthrough cases and break it down further between symptomatic and asymptomatic cases so people can get a real sense of their own personal risk instead of these blanket statements that if you're vaccinated you're protected without any qualifiers and the regurgitation of statistics 99.5%, 97%, 99.9%. And I don't know if you noticed in my post yesterday, but in one week, San Diego went from 96.6% to 40.7% for case investigations, which is not good because it could mean that the County is pulling back on pandemic- dedicated staff just as our numbers climb again. 
    • Some Bars and Restaurants Requiring Vaccination or Negative Test Amid COVID-19 Case Spike. Several San Diego establishment owners are trying to decide what else they can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19 - NBC San Diego (7.22.21)
    • COVID ACT NOW issued a COVID Alert for California: Risk increased on 07/22/2021 to Very High RIsk

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