Tuesday, July 06, 2021

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Sea Otter at Sea World (Taken 6.28.21)

Last night I was up late and started reading about the Lambda COVID variant, which is prevalent in Peru and South America and it's kinda the same story as all variants of interest so far: not enough study has been done, not enough sequencing is happening, we think the vaccines we have work even if their protection is less than before but you don't want to be unvaccinated and get this variant because you could still get very sick and spread it to everyone around you with more fleeting contact.  

I had even more links that I wanted to share today but it was all a little too much. I was down a twitter rabbithole and there were stories about the COVID outbreak at a Texas church camp that then linked to other stories of a summer camp outbreak in Illinois which somehow got me reading about the fire in Lytton BC and that lead to a story about how the extreme heat dome on Canada may have 'cooked' billions of marine animals like clams and mollusks. Then there's the storm off Florida, the continued search in the building collapse, and an outbreak of CWD in deer farms in Texas and I didn't even know deer farms were a thing but they are, and people raise them, sell them, then people put them on their land so they can be hunted and all I could think was passing HUNDREDS of dead deer the last time I drove to Austin and why you would raise an out of control population that is suffering from their own disease while also spreading human disease like Lyme through ticks, which are also out of control because of climate change? 

I wasn't feeling super great today and in retrospect maybe all that reading killed my psyche, but I'm feeling much better now after a cold air-conditioned nap. I also realized I totally forgot to do listings for the week, so I'll get around to those at some point, too. I know it's really hard with peer pressure and whatnot, but if you've listened to any experts lately, there's a lot of backtracking on masking even if you're vaccinated, so I'd say you should assess your risk, but don't be afraid or embarrassed to keep masking up. I don't know what my first indoor show will be because I'm just not there yet, but without vaccination verification it may still be awhile for me. 

Stay safe out there. 

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