Wednesday, July 07, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Reaches "Low" Level Of Community Transmission | Newsom Launches Clean California | Known Global Deaths Surpass 4Million |

A Catamaran At Sunset From Our Dinner View at Ketch (Taken 7.7.21)
Today was a very weird day. I woke up to a 7am call from my sister who told me I should get to my parents house, that my dad wasn't doing well. Apparently he called her and told her to come over because he was dying and we needed to say goodbye. My mom has been telling me all week that he hasn't been doing well, and I guess I'm sharing because it's what I do here. He's been of poor health for a really long time and we've had two pretty serious close calls that resulted in long hospital stays before but somehow he made it through. 

The good news it was maybe just low blood sugar or something because by the time I made it to Chula Vista, my sister was gone, and he was up and alert and chatty and talking on the phone and being my dad again. His health is really bad and deteriorating and he's made it very clear that going to the hospital is not an option when his time comes. We've all been preparing for that for a long time but I really don't think anything can really prepare us, so we show up when he says this time is for real and continue to hope that it's not. 

I ended up staying with them for a few hours, helping my mom with a tax thing and watching the Price is Right and Judge Judy like we used to when I worked in their daycare. I eventually left in the afternoon and had to reflect on what a weird way to wake up that had been. 

Besides all that, I watched the WHO and Governor Newsom briefings today, and today is the County's reporting day of variants, cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and all the other data that used to be daily. Shocking to nobody, the Delta variant cases doubled but it's important to bear in mind that only a fraction of cases are sequenced. Still, the data for fully vaccinated people in San Diego is looking really encouraging. By the CDC's standards, our county's transmission is "LOW" which it hasn't been for a VERY long time. Still, it's not so good for the unvaxxed. Globally, deaths surpassed 4,000,000 and that's only the tallied deaths that are reported. Dr. Ryan from the WHO is always blunt and awesome and I included a link and notes below.   

This afternoon Jeff took Darren, Nova, and I to Portside Pier for dinner at Ketch and it was delicious and a beautiful view and kinda made me forget the morning I'd had. Tell your family you love them. 

Stay safe out there.   

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