Saturday, July 17, 2021

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Nighttime San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.16.21)

I always wonder if I'm overreacting by continuing to wear my mask, to dodge indoor events, to continue skipping eating out at restaurants, so then I fiddle around with numbers. My numbers aren't exact simply because the data provided by the county isn't specific in a lot of ways, but putting them together, you can glean some interesting information. For example, the county has pretty good vaccination numbers, but if you remove senior citizens and underage people, among the 20-60 year olds who make up the greatest proportion of people with whom I'd most likely bump elbows at shows, only about 46% are vaccinated, and that is counting partially vaccinated as fully vaccinated since the County doesn't break it down between the two. The number is even lower if you remove vaccinated people 50+. So no, I don't think I'm overreacting, and it might be worthwhile for the news to start reporting the vaccination numbers among the people who are out superspreading in bars and clubs and parties and restaurants and workplaces. Seniors were super important in the earlier rollout of vaccines, but besides my fully vaccinated mom and dad, there aren't a lot of places I'm going to find myself surrounded by seniors. 

I finally got out of the house and we went to the San Diego Zoo and walked around. There aren't a lot of animals out after 7...most of the primates are long asleep, the aviaries are mostly locked up, but you can still have a nice walk, catch some of the cats moving around, the koalas make that funny grunting noise, and the giraffe seem as interested in the few people left as we are with them. We took some snacks and just found a quiet place to sit and eat outside while we waited out the parade at the front. I love the parade, but I don't need to see it every time we go. That would be weird. 

It's funny because now it's late Friday night and everyone is asleep except for me and the kittens so I'm leaning in to my email and sharing it all with you for some weekend reading so I can have a kickback Saturday for my god-sister's birthday. 

Stay safe out there.

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