Wednesday, July 14, 2021

CoViD-19: No, Don't Get A Booster (Yet) | Biden Blasts Big Lie | County Breakthroughs Remain Low |


Funani and Amahle at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.13.21)

I had a hard time getting through email today. It seemed like all I got today was surveys, political fundraisers, and movie announcements, which I generally don't cover here. So I had to get out of the house and Darren and I walked around the San Diego Zoo for almost four hours, which was kind of refreshing because normally we only go for about two and are rushing around. The hippos were really putting on a show and I know it's stupid but I think they know me because they kept coming back to me over and over and over again. Nova opted not to come but hopefully we can do some fun stuff this week, which will end up being her only full week off during the summer since we got her into two more level up summer courses. One tip if you go to the Zoo, check if the SkyFari is working. Today it was down because I think there's a special event in the Pavilion for Pride this week. 

If I keep reading and find anything important, I'll for sure share in a second post tonight or tomorrow, but mainly you should watch Biden's speech on voting (though there was kind of an important flub when he left out the word 'million'. If you watch, you'll see it.) And as far as COVID-19, you should check the County's COVID watch which is linked below and has interested demographic breakdowns of cases/hospitalizations/deaths and this time they included information on breakthroughs. Tomorrow we'll get the updates on variants in the County and we can get a better sense of what's happening in San Diego. 

In the meantime, Tikka is bullying Magnolia and Jacaranda so I gotta go. Stay safe out there. 

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