Sunday, July 04, 2021

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Balboa Park View From San Diego Zoo Skyfari (Taken 6.7.21)

I was trying to remember if I did anything for 4th of July last year and all I really remember was watching my tweaker neighbors setting off fireworks in the alley, so it must've been the year before when I went to the Zoo by myself while Darren was working and maybe Nova was in St Louis and just rode the Skyfari back and forth a few round trips to watch what I could see of the Big Bay Boom, which was not much. I hope I'm not bumming out my household but I have no desire to leave the house for any reason today. It's not just the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, but the last year and a half only exacerbated the lack of courtesy and dangerous driving on the road, and on a holiday it's bad times a thousand. 

In fact, I woke up super early because somehow I got a call from my parents at 5am and then couldn't fall back asleep. After just talking to my mom, she has no idea how they could've called but I have 4 minutes of NBC news on my voicemail. It's okay though because I was hungry and caught up on some kitten time and some of my shows before everyone else woke up, and then Nova and I watched Skater Girl on Netflix which was a super cute movie. 

So maybe I'll go hang out in the yard or do some day drinking or watch more garbage TV, but I'll be home regretting not purchasing a thunder jacket for my dog. 

I hope everyone stays safe out there. 

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