Thursday, July 15, 2021

CoViD-19: Deaths Undercounted | Bad News If You Need A Passport | Global & Local Cases on the Rise |

Jacaranda and Magnolia Keeping Us Up All Night Long (Taken 7.13.21)

Wednesday is the big data update day so I'm sorry for the super late post. Today our power was out all day as they upgraded something so we don't blow fuses with too many appliances between the upstairs and downstairs, so it was pretty much a wasted day for me, thought the kittens keep me endlessly entertained so staying home and doing nothing isn't really a bad thing. 

Jen Psaki's media briefings are always an interesting watch and once again she put Doocy on display as the clown he is. He's definitely a joke amongst the media pool and you can see the cringes on everyone's faces whenever he focuses in on whatever hot take Fox has that day. It's pretty embarrassing but amusing. There was also a briefing about passports and bad news if you need one, they can take up to 18 weeks to process at the moment. If you need one, you should definitely apply as soon as possible. Mine expires soon but Mexico isn't in my future anytime soon. 

Besides that, just a lot of COVID usual. Unvaccinated are driving cases, especially under 40 year olds, and Tennessee is no longer promoting vaccines of any kind and fired a health official who was promoting vaccines to teens. The sheer stupidity of a huge swath of the country is astounding. Just last week, San Diego's transmission was considered "LOW" by the CDC, we moved to "MODERATE" and now we're considered "HIGH" so that is concerning. In-person school in the fall seemed like such a sure bet and no way the governor is walking that back before the election, but it definitely is concerning. UK is hosting the ultimate experiment and opening everything with no conditions in just a few days and health professionals are just shaking their heads at the crassness of it all. But I guess they'll find out what we're finding out just after fourth of July...cases will spread and people will die, and it could have been prevented. San Diego's delta variant cases doubled in a week, so we know it's here and spreading fast. 

Stay safe out there.   

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