Friday, July 16, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Sees Highest New Cases Since February | Pandemic Of Misinformation | Psaki Smacks Down Doocy, Again | Q Alert For Saturday | Nightlife Renaissance Or False Alarm? |

Mandrill at San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.16.21)

I got my computer issues mostly solved last night after clearing my cache and uninstalling McAfee and then resetting the modem through Cox, but today our power continued going out numerous times. I linked up with our property manager who sent over the electrician who explained that when they "upgraded" our power the other day, they actually CUT our power by 40%. Apparently our downstairs neighbors have five circuits, each one with 15amps. We only have two, but our fuses were 25amps when they should only have been 15amps, so we actually lost 20 of our 50 amps when he brought it to code. Or something like that. So now he gave us 20amps per circuit and got permission to add two more circuits, but it's super frustrating that it was billed as an upgrade for us when really it was a downgrade (albeit, we're lucky we've never had an electrical fire with the wrong too-big fuses installed) So yeah, the next three weeks will be really fun while we wait for the work because every time the power blows out, my wi-fi blows out, too. 

So, yeah, it's been stressful. Plus there is so much news today. Jen Psaki was especially amazing today with stupid Peter Doocy, but there are a lot of articles I want to share, but I want to be selective and read them before sharing. So I'm going to go ahead and share now, and maybe will jump back on tonight for a second post. In the meantime, I need to get out of this house and owe it to the kid to get her out of the house, too. There's a really interesting report from ProPublica on failures by OSHA and the USPS, which is only more evidence that Louis DeJoy has got to go and any infrastructure fund need to include aging government buildings and facilities and their HVAC systems.  

Stay safe out there. 

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